Weird Celebrity Deaths You've Never Heard Of

Celebrity deaths have always sparked curiosity among the public. Living life under the scrutiny of the tabloids' limelight often pushes celebrities to the brink of self-destruction. While many Hollywood stars pass well into old age with grace, there are plenty of peculiar cases in which the famous perish under violent, mysterious, gruesome, or bizarre circumstances.

Despite our best judgment, celebrity deaths captivate audiences just as much as the performer did when they were alive - sometimes even more so. However, weird celebrity deaths seem to inspire a unique sort of fascination, one deeply rooted in the creepy and conspiratorial. For example, whether Natalie Wood's death was a mystery or a murder has long been a topic of contention within the true crime community. Dead celebrities often remain a household name well past their passing, and some are more infamous for their death than their life's best work. There are famous deaths by misadventure, and tragedies that would likely have been terribly embarrassing to the celebs. Below are interesting celebrity deaths, though all in all, the horror of losing a bright star usually leaves one with a bad taste in one's mouth. 

Aside from the cases you likely already know of - the Michael Jacksons and Whitney Houstons of the celebrity underworld - there are many stories you may have never heard of. Before grisly celebrity death photos became immediately accessible to the online world, many of the most mysterious cases were left with few facts and even less explanation. While some have been solved since the initial incident, many remain just as baffling as the day they occurred. If you have an insatiable curiosity for the creepy, here are some of the strange and weird celebrity deaths you've probably never heard of. 

Photo: Sunset Boulevard / Getty Images