Celebrities with the Weirdest Middle Names

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Have you always wondered about celebrity middle names? Just like regular people, many celebs and super famous people have weird middle names that their parents tried to sneak by everyone. But we can't be tricked! This list of celebrity middle names only includes the Hollywood stars whose middle names are just plain weird. The best part of all this? You get to decide which famous middle name is the most strange.

It's true. Do think Goldie Hawn was seriously off her rocker when she decided Kate Hudson's middle name should be Garry? What about Matt Damon's middle name? Spoiler alert: it's usually for girls. If you think any of the middle names of the famous people below are just plain weird, then you should vote them up. One you might find especially strange Kevin "Earl" Federline. There's just something too fancy about that name for Mr. Britney Spears, am I right?

In at least one case, the celebrity in question (Elton John) decided to take matters into his own hands and give himself a crazy middle name (Hercules). Why? Because of the horse of the same name on a British sitcom called Steptoe and Son. Whatever, Elton. Do you.

So pass some time helping to rank the weirdest celebrity middle names in all of Hollywood. Even glitz and glamor can't hide the fact that Jennifer Lawrence's middle name is Shrader! Celebrities with weird middle names! Who knew?!
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