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Celebrities with the Weirdest Websites

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For celebrities and Internet personalities like ourselves, websites are an integral part of letting the world know what you’re up to. In the last few years, most actors and musicians have turned to places like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to get the word out about their personal brand. But there are still a few holdouts that are either maintaining their web presence or they just forgot that they have a website and haven’t touched it in years. Those are the websites that we’re telling you about today – the most strange, weird, and poorly conceived celebrity websites online today.

It’s honestly a tad embarrassing to look at the weird celebrity websites on this list. We can almost give a pass to the terrible websites for grandpa stars like Bruce Willis and Gary Busey, but shouldn’t someone tell Miley Cyrus that her personal web portal looks like someone spilled bong resin on a Lisa Frank poster? And surely Melanie Griffin is in on the joke of her insane website, right? Okay probably not, and that’s what makes digging through these weird celebrity websites so much fun.

Although, if we could offer our services to just one website on this list it would be the Smashmouth website. Please please please let us make you tumblr or something. It’s embarrassing that the Hawaiian-shirts-come-to-life who sang “All Star” don’t have a webpage.

Vote on the weirdest celebrity website, and even tell us about an even weirder famous actor site if you think one exists.
  • Is this a website for an aging stadium rock band or a down-on-it's luck tattoo parlor? You be the judge.

    Weird site?

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  • Bruce Willis
    Photo: b-willis.com

    Hold the F-ING PHONE! What is happening on this website? Why is he wearing that cowboy hat? Why did the site go on "indefinite hiatus?" Couldn't Papa Willis pony up the hundred bucks for the site? Maybe he wants those cowboy hat photos to die.

    Weird site?

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  • Jim Carrey
    Photo: jimcarrey.com

    Remember how every website in the late '90s/early 2000s made you suffer through a loading screen and then had you deal with a needlessly overwrought site that lacked actual information? Well take all of those sites and slap Jim Carrey's face onto them and you've got jimcarrey.com.

    Weird site?

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  • Joey Fatone
    Photo: joeyfatone.com

    Is Joey Fatone starring in a series of infomercials now? That's the feeling we get from this website.

    Weird site?

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