Chia Pets Still Exist And You Won't Believe How Many Crazy New Ones There Are

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Fixtures from your childhood will disappear as you get older like Blockbuster video and Chad Michael Murray, but the ch-ch-ch-chia pet remains firmly rooted in the market even today. In the year 2017, a horde of weird chia pets exists on the Internet, each more outrageous and sensational than the last. While your first chia pet was probably something like a dog or cat, the funny chia pets available now give you the option of growing your own chia Obama or Bob Ross. Politician chia pets turn your garden party into a political one, and chia versions of your favorite fictional characters pop so much more than a boring old potted plant. No matter where your interests take root, there's always a chia pet who fits the bill.

Basically, these hilarious chia pets bring more than just fresh air to your home, they also provide some fresh laughs. Horticulture and humor never went together better than they do with these ridiculous chia pets.