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Hilarious And Wild Chris Farley Stories That Will Make You Laugh And Maybe Cry

Chris Farley was a uniquely talented physical comedian – in fact, some say he's the greatest of his generation. Even though he died at the young age of 33, these crazy Chris Farley stories will live forever. The sweet Wisconsin boy was raised as a devout Catholic, and found his way into comedy at Second City in Chicago, IL. Fame soon followed, as he was cast on Saturday Night Live and starred in movies like Tommy Boy and Black Sheep. Along the way, he created fodder for plenty of stories. Some are hilarious, some are tragic, and some of these insane Chris Farley tales have entered the realm of comedy lore.

Farley was a larger-than-life persona, and literally a large man, a fact he used to push his comedy even further by creating absurd characters. The difference between Farley and every other physical comedian was a sense of risk; Farley didn't break his falls with his hands. He always went for every ounce of comedy gold he could dig up. But that go-for-broke attitude had a dark side. Farley struggled with drug addiction throughout his life, and he eventually died of an overdose of cocaine and morphine.

These true stories from the life of Chris Farley, as told by his close family and friends, reveal a man who was generous, gifted, and more than a little eccentric.

  • He Pooped Out A 17th Story Window At 30 Rock

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    One night, Jay Mohr and fellow Saturday Night Live writer Dave Attell were struggling to work in their offices at 30 Rockefeller Plaza. They had been awake for nearly two days straight and were experiencing a severe case of writer's block. Then, in walked Farley.

    After a while, Mohr offered Farley $100 to defecate out of the 17th story window. Farley got the money up front, pulled down his pants, pried opened the window, and did the deed – though the, uh, evidence ended up inside. The story ended with Farley sprinting after Mohr and Attell, threatening to wipe his excrement-covered hand on them.

  • He Crashed The SNL Writers' Room Naked

    Photo: NBC

    Farley would go to any lengths for a laugh. Here's a doozie of a story taken from Tom Shales and Andrew Miller's book Live From New York: The Complete, Uncensored History of Saturday Night Live. According to SNL writer Fred Wolf:

    "Another time, in front of 20 or 25 people in a very crowded writers’ room – mixed company, women, men – Farley came in naked. He has his dick tucked between his legs, and he was doing Jame Gumb from Silence of the Lambs. He took a golf club and shoved it about three inches up his ass, then pulled the golf club out and started licking it."

  • When It Came To Food, He Would Always Double Down

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    It's no secret that Farley was a large man; the medical examiner listed the comedian's weight at 296 pounds at the time of his death. During an appearance on Conan in 2015, Farley's close friend and fellow Saturday Night Live co-star Adam Sandler talked about what it was like to go out to dinner with Farley in the 1990s:

    "He would say, 'You got the T-bone steak, uh, yeah, okay, and do you have...' And he'd name like six things. You're like, 'Wow, he's getting six things?' And then he would say, 'Ok, I'll take two of those'... He'd always double down."

    O'Brien added, "Chris Farley loved to eat, to a degree I've never seen since, by any human being."

  • He Scared Mike Myers

    Photo: NBC

    In the 2015 documentary I Am Chris Farley, Saturday Night Live co-star Mike Myers explained why the energetic comedian scared him to death: "I improvised with Chris, and I was scared to death, because he had already knocked someone’s tooth out and [given] someone else a scar just from being so crazy."

    It was also revealed in the doc that Farley made it a habit to surprise Myers in the shower, fully nude.