Most Bizarre Christmas Covers And Collabs Ever

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The most wonderful time of the year often yields gifts more unexpected than a lump of coal in your stocking, namely outlandish Christmas music and bizarre Christmas carol covers. When Christmas carols get weird, weed is hung in place of mistletoe and Santa slides down more than just chimneys. 

As you inevitably tire of Irving Berlin classics and Mariah's annual seasonal rebirth, strange Christmas covers help to switch up the festivities, spiking your hot chocolate with a bit of eggnog. These curious carols pair well with your odd Christmas decorations, letting you give Jesus the birthday turn-up that Christian tradition has for years unfairly denied him.

With the increasing inclusion of more secular Christmas traditions, bizarre Christmas music takes you on journeys more appropriate to today's modern world. After all, finding yourself away in a manger feels much less relatable than being away in a mosh pit.

Before you go asking yourself why such weird Christmas music exists, remember that people already listen to rather creepy Christmas music, not to mention the "classic" album sung entirely by chipmunks. For a holiday celebrating a virgin birth and a flying fat man on a sleigh, weird Christmas carol covers honestly feel pretty appropriate. Well, more appropriate than said fat man chowing down on your family's milk and cookies.

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  • DMX - "Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer"

    DMX - "Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer"

    20 votes
  • Tom Waits - "Christmas Card From A Hooker In Minneapolis"

    Tom Waits - "Christmas Card From A Hooker In Minneapolis"

    17 votes
  • Justin Bieber & Busta Rhymes - "Little Drummer Boy"

    Justin Bieber & Busta Rhymes - "Little Drummer Boy"

    19 votes
  • Lady Gaga - "Christmas Tree"

    Lady Gaga - "Christmas Tree"

    19 votes
  • Run-DMC - "Christmas In Hollis"

    Run-DMC - "Christmas In Hollis"

    18 votes
  • Ozzy Osbourne & Jessica Simpson - "Winter Wonderland"

    Ozzy Osbourne & Jessica Simpson - "Winter Wonderland"

    12 votes