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Ann Casano
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Joel and Ethan Coen have built a long and illustrious career by reinventing how stories are told. They certainly have a postmodern sensibility and have never shied away from breaking established cinematic codes. The writers/directors have worked in nearly every genre from film noir and screwball comedy, to the Western and black comedy, and when it comes to the weirdest scenes in Coen Brothers movies, there's plenty to choose from.

Their signature style is to both work within the confines of a genre, and break the genre’s rules. Think about the typical John Wayne hero in a standard Western: male, macho, middle-aged. Now think about a Coen Brothers Western hero, like the one from True Grit: a 13-year-old female. This creative flexibility allows the Coens the ability to explore a lot of strange places.

Some of the weirdest Coen Brothers movies involve blurring the line between reality and fantasy. Some of these lines are easy to spot, like the surrealist dream sequences in The Big Lebowski. Other times, viewers are left wondering what's real and what's imaginary, like in Barton Fink.The brothers' unique style of filmmaking makes it okay to ask, “WTF?” Most of their movies are meant to be odd. Weird Coen Brothers moments make their canon unlike that of any other filmmakers.

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The Coin Toss

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Film: No Country for Old Men

We know Anton Chigurh is one bad dude. However, we don't see that he is the face of evil until the moment when he puts the fear of the devil himself into this poor convenience store owner, for really no good reason at all.

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A Nod to Busby Berkeley

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Film: The Big Lebowski

This dream sequence from The Big Lebowski is a stoner's delight. The Busby Berkeley inspired surrealist piece even has Saddam Hussein as a bowling alley attendant.
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Meet Jesus

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Film: The Big Lebowski

The shiny purple onesie, the hairnet, the rings, the bowling ball licking. Imagine walking into your favorite bowling alley and seeing this guy!
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The Huggies Heist

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Film: Raising Arizona

H.I. McDunnough (Nicolas Cage) has kidnapped a baby and now, of course, needs diapers. With pantyhose over his face, the man races through a supermarket, then through a neighborhood with a package of Huggies nestled under his arm. The pursuit is odd and hilarious all at once, a signature blend the Coen Brothers perfect in this sequence.