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Jacob Shelton
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Almost every day we’re inundated with news reports and Facebook statuses about evil corporations and the way that they’re destroying the world one dollar at a time. While some companies are probably operated by an evil lizard on the moon or something, other multi-national corporations seem fairly normal. Until you take a look at their company training videos or P.R. snippets, that is. It’s almost as if without even realizing it, these companies are trying to let us know that they’re taking pointers from the evil corporations that have destroyed the world time and time again in film and television. So take a look at very real companies that seem like evil corporations from movies, using their own corporate clips as guides.

In some of these evil company videos, you notice right off the bat that you’re not watching a video made by nice people (Papa John's comes to mind), but in others, it takes a second viewing to realize that even when a corporate video is showing beautiful vistas at sunset, what they’re really telling you is that they want to build a robot army. Obviously, evil works on a sliding scale, so some of these corporate videos are way more evil than others. That’s why we’ve assigned a fictional counterpart to each company, so you know what kind of evil corporation you’re dealing with.

Vote up the corporate videos that make their companies look the most like evil companies from movies, and if you can think of any corporations that act like they’re in a science fiction universe tell us about it in the comments.
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Papa Johns Doesn't Care About Empathy

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What begins as a real tearjerker of a video takes a sharp left turn at the 2 minute mark when good ol' Papa John espouses one of the kind of chilling statement you just don't expect from the owner of a pizza chain, saying, "People don't get better when you show empathy." Yikes! Does Papa John know that he sounds almost exactly like Lex Luthor, CEO of Lexcorp, in almost every Superman movie? Even his staccato speaking style is straight out of a comic book. 

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Wanda Enterprises Owns Everything

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There's nothing immediately evil about Wanda Enterprises, until you start to notice how many other companies they own. By about the mid-way point it begins to seem like their transparency is, in fact, a smokescreen covering up something incredibly sinister, and that thing is definitely that they're developing robot technology that wants to get rid of all human life as we know it. That's right, Wanda Enterprises is basically Cyberdyne Systems, the company that created Skynet in the Terminator movies.
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MMC Is Here to Make Money on Whatever You've Got

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This VERY SERIOUS video for MMC presents an almost comical dedication to their main objective, which is buy as many assets as possible just in case one of them ends up making money down the road. It's very similar to Weyland-Yutani from the Alien franchise. Except MMC probably isn't hiring space marines or tracking down xenomorphs... yet. 
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McDonald's Wants You to Climb the Golden Arches

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Everyone already knows that McDonald's is a huge global mega-corporation, but who knew that it so closely resembled Mondo Burger from Good Burger? Splash on some purple paint and throw in a little Kurt and suddenly McDonald's has gone entirely Mondo.