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Super Weird Crimes Committed For No Reason

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Most crimes, no matter how crazy they are, tend to be pretty cut and dry. If a bunch of people rob a bank it’s because they want money; if someone murders someone, it’s probably because of revenge or some strange compulsion. But the bizarre crimes on this list happened without any rhyme or reason, which makes them even stranger than they already were. Whether the criminals collected here are sticking their brothers in a birdcage for two decades or killing beauty queens, they never said why they committed the crimes, and it makes their story even weirder. But don’t worry, the crime stories on this list aren’t all super serious machete murders, some of them are your run-of-the-mill trout thefts. Prepare to lose all your faith in humanity as you read about these super weird crimes committed for no reason.

A lot of the funny crimes detailed on this list are full of the kind of crazy go-nuts logic that you tend to find in the deepest depths of a psychiatric asylum. A lot of the stories here are waist-deep in the kind of criminals that seem to pull their transgressions out of a hat in the morning and hope for the best. If you’re looking for brilliant criminal masterminds, you’re not going to find them here, but you are going to find some of the weirdest crimes that were committed for no reason. Read up on these weird crimes that didn’t have a motive, and don’t forget that it’s a weird world out there.

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    Man Locked In A Pigeon Cage For 20 Years By His Siblings

    In late 2015, Spanish police were investigating a brother and sister when they discovered a third sibling who had been kept in a dovecote since 1996 with nothing but a bucket for a toilet.

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    Japanese Man Smears Feces On Teenage Girl

    In horrific news from Tokyo, a man randomly approached a young woman on the streets of Japan and smeared his own excrement on her face and in her mouth. Forty minutes later, he approached another woman and grabbed her from behind.

    The police tracked him down after viewing surveillance footage from the first crime scene.

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    Man Throws A Live Alligator Through A Drive-Thru Window

    While making a stop at the drive-thru of his local Wendy's, a man threw a three-and-a-half-foot-long alligator through the restaurant's window.

    US Marshals took the man into custody and released the alligator back into the wild.

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    Naked Man Falls Through Ceiling And Destroys Everything

    In what sounds like a stress dream, a 24-year-old naked man crashed through the ceiling of a home in British Columbia and proceeded to rummage through the house, destroying everything in his wake.

    When the family arrived home, they found their house in shambles, saying, "He totaled my master bedroom, went into the closet, and every room. He didn't steal anything."

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