The Craziest 'Doug' Fan Theories

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'90s cartoon fan theories are all the rage these days, so it should come as no surprise that there are some crazy Doug fan theories. The show about a dorky boy with an overactive imagination and an underwear-sporting superhero alter ego holds a firm place in the hearts of '90s kids. Of all the old school cartoons – especially the Nickelodeon ones – Doug was one of the best (because the Disney version sucked... almost as much as their live version), but these twisted notions might make you see your favorite Quail-themed superhero through a different lens.

Whether it's Roger being diseased or Doug being addicted to drugs, these theories are way out there. One particular Doug Funnie fan theory is truly disturbing, having to do with a sexual predator in the neighborhood.

Fortunately, they aren't all that messed up, but they are all surprising and often hilarious. Let's take a look at all of the fan theories about Doug. Be warned, some of these might ruin your childhood.

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    The Dinks Lost A Son Around Doug's Age

    Redditor siatabiri offers a more innocent but heartbreaking explanation for why Mr. Dink is the way he is, i.e., seemingly desperate to force a friendship with Doug. The theory has two possibilities, but essentially comes down to the same result: either the Dinks had a son born around the same time as Doug whom they lost as a baby, or they had a son who died around Doug's age before Doug moved into the neighborhood.

    Mr. Dink goes a long way to build a relationship with Doug, almost as if he's driven by a pathological need to fill the void of his lost son. It's also noted that Mrs. Dink has a motherly affect perhaps because she was once a mother.

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    Roger Was Abused As A Child

    JSwiftX from Retro Junk has a simple, armchair psychologist explanation for why Roger Klotz is a bully: he was abused as a child. 

    “By and large, just about ALL aggressive bullies are indeed the victims of aggressive bullying themselves, which is almost always via the hands of a family member or close acquaintance. As a means of masking the inferiority of not having a father figure, Roger attempts to form a synthetic family consisting of all of the schoolhouse ruffians, an act which makes him his OWN paternal figure, in a way.”

    So it's not simply an explanation for why Roger bullies people, but a deeper dive into his psychology which tries to explain his need to surround himself with a pseudo "family" – something that is often indicative of abandonment issues.

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    The Events Of The Show Are A Manifestation Of Doug's Imagined Narrative

    Similar in practice to the theory that Doug is crazy, one theory argues that the events in Doug are part of the boy's narrative which he writes in his journal. Essentially, the theory goes that Doug writes his own story.

    This explains why everyone is differently colored as real ethnic differences are mundane to a child. His alter ego as a superhero, Quailman, is further evidence that a child is writing the story. It's a much nicer theory than those claiming Doug is either insane or addicted to drugs.

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    People Of Color Are The "Elite Ruling Class" In The Show

    Doug and Patti are the two main "flesh colored" people in the show, and Redditor pricelle notes that they are presented as having "lower/working-class lifestyle." Conversely, the purplish Dink has grandiose political aspirations and spends lavishly, while Skeeter (who is either blue or green depending on your eyes/TV) is a super genius.

    The heart of the theory is that white people are depicted as mundane or below average, while colored people are notably superior. 

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    Patti Is A Closeted Lesbian

    This (wisely) anonymous theory on Wilton Drive makes the argument that Patti Mayonnaise is secretly a lesbian.

    "She REALLY likes sports – Seriously, she spent half of the episode in a basketball jersey. Sometimes she spoke in a deep voice to be funny, but we [deduced] that it might have been her actual voice that she hides with her Southern accent. She never showed any interest in Doug other than friendship, and let’s be honest... Doug was a TOTAL babe. She never seemed to do well in 'girly' situations. Exhibit A: Cooking."

    This theory, however, only identifies Patti as a "tomboy," and notes that she doesn't conform to gender stereotypes. That is far cry from proving she's a lesbian. 

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    JD From Scrubs Is A Grown-Up Doug

    JD From Scrubs Is A Grown-Up Doug
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    CartoonJustice wants to bridge the gap between your childhood and adulthood, bringing two of your favorite shows together: Doug and Scrubs. This Redditor argues that the protagonist of Scrubs, JD, is Doug as an adult, citing multiple similarities to support the argument:

    "JD and Doug both share extreme daydreaming; None of their friends or family intercede to stop this; Both have extreme fears of failure and keep a diary; They share a love of blonds who are over competitive; They both continually self-sabotage their love life; Both have a best friend of color... 

    So Doug Yancey Funnie, traumatized by his parents's divorce gives up on his dreams of music and decides to go to medical school. His daydreaming and awkwardness follow him into adult hood. After a falling out with Skeeter he meets his new best friend in med school."

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