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Elvis Presley Stories With Enough Weird Sex To Make You Feel Like A Hound Dog

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Wild man Elvis Presley, King of Rock and Roll—and also, apparently, King of Foreplay—never seemed like the kind of kid who would go on to become a rock and roll sex monster. In 1954, he was a truck driver making $1 an hour, an awkward kid who'd once been too shy to sing on the radio, and whom a contemporary told to stick to truck driving because he was never going to make it as a singer. But the Eisenhower years were a time of opportunity for everyone - two years later he was getting paid more than any performer in history, drawling and gyrating so suggestively the establishment viewed him as an uncontrollable, dangerous maniac. And he kind of was, although in ways nobody foresaw at the time, as you'll see from these crazy Elvis Presley facts. 

Among these insane Elvis stories are episodes featuring a chimpanzee who serially assaulted women, firearms both real and imagined, and numerous counts of impersonating a police officer. There is a ludicrous amount of drugs. And, of course, there is sex—lurid sex that occupies a very particular place somewhere in between scandalous, horrible, and downright weird. Get ready for drinking and drugging with Elvis, kids. 

  • He Dated Girls As Young As 14 Throughout His Life

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    Elvis had a parade of encounters with teenage girls throughout his life, all the way up shortly before his death, when he was dating 14-year-old Reeca Smith. This was nothing new; immediately before meeting future wife, 14-year-old Priscilla, The King dated Jackie Rowland, also 14.

    Biographer Alanna Nash suggests the death of Elvis's mother so devastated him he never became comfortable around women his own age, instead preferring girls so young they were unthreatening—girls who were virginal, nurturing, or whom he could see in any context other than overtly sexual. Reeca Smith, at least, insists Elvis was very respectful, saying "He didn’t take advantage of me."

  • He May Have Married Priscilla In Part To Avoid Criminal Charges And Broken Contract Clauses

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    Elvis met future wife Priscilla when she was 14 and he 24; he was in the army at the time, stationed in Germany, where Priscilla's father was in the Air Force. The fact that he started dating her when she was so young, and continued to do so back in the United States, meant he may have been guilty of violating the Mann Act, which made it illegal to transport people across state lines for immoral purposes, a fact Priscilla's father made abundantly clear when pressuring the two to marry. According to Priscilla, their decision to marry wasn't forced by her father; the couple had simply been content to live together without being married. 

    Elvis biographer Rees Quinn suggests the Colonel, Elvis's manager, also played a part in the decision. Because Elvis had a morality clause in his contract, if it became public knowledge he had a 14-year-old mistress he had no intent to marry, he would be in violation of that clause, and may have stood to loose a lot of money. Priscilla recalls a more romantic gesture - Elvis arriving in her room with an impish grin and a black velvet box containing a diamond ring.  

  • He Had A Fear Of Penetration And Liked Women With Tiny Feet

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    Elvis's preference for sexual games over intercourse wasn't just a facet of his relationship with Priscilla; it seems to have been a constant in his life. Linda Thompson, whom Elvis dated from 1972 until 1976, said he was in no hurry to take her virginity, and went so far as to say he was willing to "preserve" her chastity as long as necessary (she did eventually lose her virginity to him).

    Elvis once said he would "never break a virgin," but he was fond of engaging in all kinds of behavior short of penetration. His entourage was specifically instructed to seek out women with "itty bitty" feet for him. 

    Albert Goldman, who wrote a book on Presley (and one on John Lennon), suggested Elvis "discovered prostitutes and picked up the intense fear of sexually transmitted diseases which led to claims that he had a morbid fear of sexual penetration."

  • He Preferred Voyeurism And Sexual Games To Intercourse

    Photo: Allied Artists Pictures

    Joel Williamson's book Elvis Presley: A Southern Life describes scenes from Graceland that involved everything short of penetrative intercourse. He and Priscilla liked to play sexy doctor, and he brought in other girls/women to simulate sex with Priscilla while he watched and, in some cases, filmed and/or joined.

    The couple also photographed themselves in sexual situations with a Polaroid camera (still a relatively new invention), so nobody would see the images while developing them. Priscilla was tasked with buying the film, and the couple went through so much of it she had to start making up excuses for her abundant need for film.