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People Describe Their Weirdest Encounter with a Random Stranger

There's definitely a reason why we use the word "strangers" to describe the random and often unnerving people we meet in our lives. From sitting next to that eccentric person on the subway to sticking out a disturbing conversation with a peculiar individual, virtually everyone has bumped into creepy strangers at some point in their lives.

Here is a list of the weirdest and most unusual encounters people have had with all sorts of super scary creeps. But don't let it dissuade you from meeting new people, because you'll either make a new friend or have some awesome stories about creepy people, just like these guys...

  • Stranger in Next Urinal Holds Man's Hand

    "A guy grabbed my hand and held it the entire time he was pissing in a urinal beside me.

    I ask myself everyday why I didn't let go of his hand..."
  • Old Lady Gives Ominous Warning

    "I was at a market with my friend. As we were going through the cash register, we were laughing about something, and the lady behind us said, "Oh, you two are so sweet and young. Keep laughing. You won't be able to laugh soon."

    She didn't mean bad, but it was weird."
  • Old Guy Is a Bit Forward

    "I was at Bonnaroo, walking around the camp area. Some scraggly-looking man in his 60's was shouting things at people. I could hear him from about 50 yards away.

    He spotted me and yelled, "Hey man, can I see your butthole?"

    Without even hesitating, I quipped back, "No, dude, if I can't get to see it whenever I want, why should I show it off to other people?"

    He was shocked for a few seconds as I kept walking, but he made sure I heard him before I got too far away.

    "That was the best answer I have ever got to that question!""
  • Girl Gets a Little Too Close for Comfort

    "I was in the big divisions for the NYC marathon, which was about to start, and this chick beside me just pulls her running shorts down, squats down, and proceeds to p*ss in the middle of the street!

    She had the gall to ask me, "What are you looking at?"

    I was like, "You're f*cking p*ssing on my shoe!"