People Describe Their Weirdest Encounter with a Random Stranger

There's definitely a reason why we use the word "strangers" to describe the random and often unnerving people we meet in our lives. From sitting next to that eccentric person on the subway to sticking out a disturbing conversation with a peculiar individual, virtually everyone has bumped into creepy strangers at some point in their lives.

Here is a list of the weirdest and most unusual encounters people have had with all sorts of super scary creeps. But don't let it dissuade you from meeting new people, because you'll either make a new friend or have some awesome stories about creepy people, just like these guys...

  • Man Holding Baguette Talks About Dog Poop

    "Christmas Eve, standing in line at the last remaining Blockbuster Video in the entire world when this weird older dude holding a baguette cuts in line ahead of me. Meh, it's almost Christmas, so I ignore the cutting, but then he starts talking to me.

    Him: "I mow lawns for a living."

    Me: "..." Polite nod.

    Him: "I go over to cut these people's lawn and they have these two giant dogs, like a rott and a lab, big-ass dogs, and they have sh*t all over the lawn."

    At this point, I'm just staring at him open-mouthed because I'm not used to strange men holding baguettes talking to me about dog sh*t at Blockbuster Video, and apparently my shock is taken as encouragement to continue his weird little story.

    Him: "So, I can't mow the lawn with all that sh*t on it, so I go around scooping up 20 pounds of dog crap and have no where to put it! So I dump it all in this Christmas box I have sitting in the back of my truck and finish my job. Then I go over to the grocery store across the way to buy my baguette and when I get back some assh*le has stolen my dog sh*t right out of the back of my truck! And now I have to find something else to give my ex-wife for Christmas!"

    He then looks around him in surprise and states, "Where the f*ck am I? I don't even know why I'm in here; I'm not buying a video!" And he leaves."
  • Stranger Embeds Himself in Kid's Memory

    "As a 12-year-old kid, I was sitting on a bench at a Six Flags by myself. A random average-looking guy, in what I would guess is his mid-20's, came up to me and said, "You will remember me for the rest of your life." Then he left and went about his business.

    That f*cker knows how to play the game. 15 years later and I still remember him and think of him about every couple of months."
  • Homeless Man Keeps Petting Teen's Head

    "I was walking around a shady area of Philly with my family when I was 13, and out of nowhere, a homeless man approached me and just started petting my head. Given I did have short curly hair, the guy just kept smiling and rubbing my head and calling me "sheep dog."

    It was a solid 10 seconds of shock - a shock induced freeze until my dad kind of tugged my arm, and we left."
  • Weirdo Asks an Unusual Proposition

    "It was Boxing Day, and I was having lunch with my dad and sister in town. We were at a pretty nice Italian place. After lunch, I excused myself and went outside for a cigarette. I sat on a perch somewhere about four feet up.

    I was playing with a deck of cards in one hand whilst smoking with the other (I'm a magician). This strange guy approaches me. I'm sitting with my legs crossed, and his head was at about the height of my feet. He stands near me for some time, looking up, shaking his head, and then looking away. Not to sound like a douche, but I get a lot of people staring when I'm doing my card thing (look up cardistry for an example).

    He eventually musters up the will to mutter a soft "Hi."

    "Hey," I respond. "How's it going?"

    He looks up at me and then away again. This happens a few times, and I work out he's a bit odd. I ask him if he wants to see a card trick. Not that I really felt like performing, but sometimes I feel that if I've piqued someone's interest for long enough, I should perform directly for them. He shakes his head and looks away.

    Looking up at me again, then away, then up, then away, he mumbles barely audibly, "I wanna ask you something." I offer him a cigarette. He looks at the pack in my outstretched hand, shakes his head, and looks away again. He repeats, "I wanna ask you something." I had endeavored to be polite to strangers at that time, so as friendly as I could I told him to ask me whatever it was he wanted to ask me. He repeated himself again.

    This went on for some time until I couldn't think of a more comforting way to say, "Sure, pal, you can ask me anything! Just ask me."

    Eventually, he muttered, "Not here." I wasn't quite sure what he meant, but I got down off my perch and said, "What about over there?" as I gestured to a bench. He reluctantly nodded his head, and I went over and sat on the bench. He slowly followed.

    Admittedly as I lit my second cigarette, I was getting a little frustrated trying to work out what this stranger wanted from me. I continued to reassure him that he could ask me anything. I was so desperate to know what he wanted to so desperately ask.

    We continue the "I-wanna-ask-you-something"-"Sure-pal-just-ask-me!' dance for a while. My mind is racing over the possibilities.

    Eventually he says, "I wanna see you." I was taken aback, but didn't really understand what he meant.

    "You wanna hang out sometime?' I ask confused.

    He elaborates, "Iwnasyonkd."

    "Sorry, can you repeat that?" My mind jumping to weird interpretations of that blurted sentence... Not believing what I thought I heard. I sh*t you not - these were the most audible words he spoke to me in this 15-minute exchange: "I want to see you naked."

    I put my cigarette out and quickly went back inside."
  • Stranger in Next Urinal Holds Man's Hand

    "A guy grabbed my hand and held it the entire time he was pissing in a urinal beside me.

    I ask myself everyday why I didn't let go of his hand..."
  • Old Lady Gives Ominous Warning

    "I was at a market with my friend. As we were going through the cash register, we were laughing about something, and the lady behind us said, "Oh, you two are so sweet and young. Keep laughing. You won't be able to laugh soon."

    She didn't mean bad, but it was weird."