The Weirdest 'Sports' In The History of the Olympics

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The Olympic Games are the ultimate test of athleticism and skill. But when you look back at what events were in the Olympics that are now discontinued, you might think differently. The athletes that competed at the turn of the 20th century weren't much compared to Michael Phelps or Simone Biles. And some events are a far cry from the exciting swimming races or gymnastic events we watch today. Just like how old timey strongmen used to compete in events that by today’s standards look quite silly, some of the retired Olympic events look pretty questionable when contrasted against more modern versions of the Games.

Some of the most bizarre and unusual sports that ended up on the Olympic program look pretty wacky – like ski ballet or solo synchronized swimming. Although these weird events might have been fun to compete in, lack of spectators or lack of athleticism (as in motorboating) usually led to a sport’s Olympic demise. Take a look at these weird competitive events that used to be in the Olympics. Do you think you could compete?

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