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15 Weird Facts About Power Rangers That You Never Knew As A Kid

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Growing up, many considered the Power Rangers the most epic group of crime fighters ever. To young minds, they were a group of remarkable heroes who gallantly handed out one world-saving whoopin' after another to evildoers. You watched the episodes so many times, you could answer trivia questions about each villain's backstory and each ranger’s personal life, but what about the stuff that slipped through the cracks of your awe? Watching as an adult, you realize there's a whole lot of stuff you didn’t notice -- stuff that’s often cringe-worthy and embarrassing. These are Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers facts and weird things that you may not have noticed when you were glued to the TV screen as a kid.
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    The Footage of Zordon Was Only Filmed Once

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    The actor who played Zordon, David Fielding, said that they only recorded his face for a couple of hours, and he was done with his on screen time. The only thing he'd do from that point on is voice acting.
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    The Power Rangers Battled Walter White Twice

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    Years before he starred in one of the most beloved shows of all time, Breaking Bad actor Bryan Cranston did voice acting for Might Morphin’ Power Rangers. There were two separate occasions – once to play a villain named Snizzard, the other to play another villain, named Twin Man. Bonus fact: some say that the Blue Ranger, Billy Cranston, is named after Bryan.

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    The Power Rangers Threatened to Toss a Bad Guy’s Salad

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    If you stuck with Power Rangers all the way to Power Rangers Turbo, you probably saw a moment when the group faced a pizza creature, and TJ decided to threaten him by tossing his salad. YIKES.
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    Did Zordon Just Snatch Up These Kids for Christmas, Or...?

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    On this awful Christmas special, Alpha is trippin' because the Rangers aren't going to be able to make it to their Christmas celebration and he doesn't want to be alone. So he and Zordon just bring in a group of kids. They're singing songs, feeling jolly, and wait... where did they come from? Did he just kidnap these children temporarily for his own festive entertainment?
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