Weird Nature Weird Facts About Sea Creatures They Didn't Teach You In School  

Rebecca High

Earth's five oceans house some of the strangest creatures you'll ever see. This video looks at a few of them that aren't just aesthetically bizarre, but also boast unique evolutionary features that couldn't occur anywhere else on the planet.

Studying these deep sea dwellers is actually very important: scientists analyze their unique features, applying the lessons of their bizarre biology to diverse efforts including cancer cures and technology that can withstand enormous pressure. Of course, some of these creatures are also just plain cool.

Did you know that there's a jellyfish naturally equipped with a "burglar alarm" visible hundreds of feet away? Or that there's a squid with a cape-based defense mechanism that puts Batman's signature accessory to shame?

Watch this video for more bizarre abilities and characteristics of creatures you'd otherwise only ever see from behind the porthole of a submarine or maybe even through some diving goggles.