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The Absolute Craziest Lengths Women Have Gone In Order To Fake A Pregnancy

Faked pregnancies may seem like the stuff of Hollywood melodramas and beach reads, but they happen in real life more often than you might think. There are plenty of reasons why women have faked being pregnant, whether they wanted to get back at an ex or were looking for money.

These fake pregnancy stories have to be read to be believed. Many of the women don't seem to know what pregnancy is really like - if they did, perhaps they wouldn't be pretending to carry triplets for 10 months or disemboweling a pet dog to fake a miscarriage. Some faked pregnancies have even extended into fake childbirth. 

Prepare yourself: These extreme fake pregnancies were motivated by everything from sheer pettiness to downright derangement. None of them are likely to inspire much sympathy for the people who pretended to have - or lose - a baby.

  • A Teenage Girl Faked Being Pregnant With Triplets For 10 Months

    One Michigan teen used the power of the web to fake a pregnancy for a staggering 10 months. With the aid of FakeABaby.com, the girl convinced her boyfriend that they were expecting triplets. She had ultrasounds and everything. Their families and the community were supportive, giving gifts and donating money to the couple.

    But after 10 months, the families became understandably suspicious. Then, a woman in a Facebook group called "Moms of Triplets" alerted the family to the fact that the ultrasound pictures were from a website dedicated to faking pregnancies.

    The girl's story unraveled, though she maintained she had been pregnant; she said she lost the babies at six weeks.

  • One Woman Actually Faked Having A Baby

    Writing for XO Jane, an anonymous author claimed she figured out that her friend was lying about having a baby. The author noted how "Leigh" allegedly staged the pregnancy for four months and, after supposedly giving birth, started posting photos online. Leigh only posted photos of the infant alone, never of her and the baby together. One especially professional shot seemed suspect, so the author ran a reverse Google image search:

    Within .3 seconds, my search turned up professional photos of a popular blogger and her newborn daughter. On the blogger’s Instagram account, I found all the rest of the photos Leigh had passed off as her own.

    The concerned author contacted the police to do a wellness check on Leigh, who responded by deleting the author on all her social media accounts - along with all references to the baby.

  • Angela Smith Faked A Pregnancy To Get Back At Her Ex

    It seems especially petty to fake a pregnancy to spite your ex, but that's just what Angela Smith allegedly did. Her elaborate faux-pregnancy supposedly lasted a whole nine months. Besides posting pictures and ultrasounds, Smith reportedly threw not one, but two baby showers, and had her family and significant other fooled. When she said her c-section was postponed, someone questioned her about the pregnancy, and she came clean about the whole thing.

    "I wasn’t trying to keep a man by doing it, just wanted him to hurt as much as I did," she wrote on Facebook, shortly before deleting her account.

  • Rebecca Freeman Tried To Con An Adoption Agency

    Rebecca Freeman allegedly contacted a Florida adoption agency in October 2016, claiming she was pregnant and ready to give the baby up for adoption. She even provided a urine sample that tested positive for pregnancy.

    Freeman stretched the whole scam out for five months, during which she accepted money for her rent and health expenses. But the jig was up when she failed to get an ultrasound. Freeman was later arrested for adoption fraud.