The Absolute Craziest Lengths Women Have Gone In Order To Fake A Pregnancy

Faked pregnancies may seem like the stuff of Hollywood melodramas and beach reads, but they happen in real life more often than you might think. There are plenty of reasons why women have faked being pregnant, whether they wanted to get back at an ex or were looking for money.

These fake pregnancy stories have to be read to be believed. Many of the women don't seem to know what pregnancy is really like - if they did, perhaps they wouldn't be pretending to carry triplets for 10 months or disemboweling a pet dog to fake a miscarriage. Some faked pregnancies have even extended into fake childbirth. 

Prepare yourself: These extreme fake pregnancies were motivated by everything from sheer pettiness to downright derangement. None of them are likely to inspire much sympathy for the people who pretended to have - or lose - a baby.