The Craziest Counterfeit Products

This list is a collection of the best fake products made in China and all over the world. These funny counterfeit goods are sure to make you do a double take because they closely resemble the original items they are ripping off. These knockoffs have become so popular that they are popping up in all types of products, from designer handbags and jeans, to consumer electronics, sneakers, and even top fast food chains.

One of the biggest copycat stories in recent years is the opening of several fake Apple stores in China, who used the electronic giant's logo, decor, and even uniforms. Some employees even believed they worked at a real Apple store.

Counterfeit goods often use recognizable logos and images from well-known products in hopes of fooling shoppers. The more high end and expensive, the more tempting it is to buy a cheap and fake version of it. No matter how illegal it is, there is probably a bootleg for anything you wear, use or find at home. If faux fashion or knockoff electronics are your thing, then check out the hilarious gallery below!