best of 2014 The Most WTF Things That Happened in Florida in 2014  

Mel Judson

There’s weird, and then there’s Florida weird, as in the craziest, most WTF things that happened in Florida this year. Reading the Florida news section is like opening a can of hilarious worms. This list contains the strangest, most insane moments from Florida in 2014. How many “Florida Men” are there in this state anyway? And why are so many of them exposing themselves or are inexplicably covered in tar? “Florida Man,” “Florida Woman,” “Florida Teen,” and even “Florida Manatee Who’s Exhausted By Sex” all struck in 2014.

Hilarious police reports from Florida surround men and women who plan the crappiest robberies of all time. In fact, one of the guys on this list couldn’t even stay awake while burglarizing. Another weird Florida criminal got distracted by kittens when running from the cops, while another man fleeing authority literally ran into the police academy. Enjoy these crazy news pieces out of the Sunshine State that won’t just make you question the state of Florida, but also the state of humanity itself.

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The Most WTF Things That Happened in Florida in 2014