WTF? Weird Things That Happened in Florida in 2018

Florida is generally considered one of the weirder places in America, so it's no surprise weird Florida news seems to be a staple of the headlines. Crazy Florida news stories often involve bizarre arrests, strange accidents, and more. If you're wondering what the strangest happenings in the Sunshine State were in 2018, browse this list of Florida stories 2018. 

The latest Florida news 2018 ranges from weird Florida stories to funny Florida stories. Some Florida news stories will leave you laughing, while others will leave you rethinking your faith in humanity. If you're fascinated by the continual wtf news stories from Florida, read on to satisfy your itch. 

For whatever reason, Florida seems to attract oddballs who often illustrate the most abnormal sides of humanity. These funny Florida stories from 2018 will leave you scratching your head, wondering how such things are even possible. Read up on these weird Florida 2018 stories below and then see what the 2019 Florida Man is up to.

  • A Man Tried To Purchase A Hotdog With Cannabis

    On December 9, 2018, Summerfield resident Danny DeJesus was arrested at a Circle K after he tried to trade a napkin full of cannabis for a hot dog. DeJesus offered the substance to an employee in exchange for the snack, and then the employee took the illicit plant and called 911. 

    When authorities arrived, DeJesus denied the allegation. He was ultimately charged with selling and distributing of marijuana by the police. 

  • An Intoxicated Man Started A Fire While Making Cookies In The Nude On A George Foreman

    Officers in Niceville responded to a call concerning a house fire during the last week of August 2018. When they arrived around 5:30 PM local time, a naked man opened the door, told the officers, "I'm sorry," and closed the door. The nude man then opened the door again, leaving it ajar as he retreated back into his home. The man didn't seem to either care or understand the potential danger he was in. A police officer removed the man from his home, and firefighters told Northwest Florida Daily News that if he remained in his house, he could have died from smoke inhalation - or worse. 

    How did the fire start? The man confessed to drinking two liters of vodka and smoking cannabis starting around 9 AM. Authorities examined the fire-damaged house, and after the investigation and some questioning, they discovered a bizarre start to the fire. Allegedly, the man decided to bake some cookies. Instead of using the oven, however, he opted to use his George Foreman grill. He left the grill on, and it caught fire. In an effort to smother the flames, he placed dry towels on the George Foreman. The towels caught fire, and the flames started to spread. 

  • A Candidate For The House Of Representatives Believes Aliens Abducted Her

    Bettina Rodriguez Aguilera is running for the House of Representatives against retiring Republican, Ileana Ros-Lehtinen. Rodriguez Aguilera believes aliens abducted her when she was seven years old - she says blond aliens, who looked like the Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro, took her onto their spaceship where they told her the "center of the world's energy is Africa" and that researchers discovered thousands of non-human skulls on the island Malta.

    Rodriguez Aguilera also claims she saw a UFO at 17 years old and has stayed in communication with aliens telepathically. About her confidence in the existence of extraterrestrials she says, “I stick to my guns when I believe in something."

    The Miami Herald endorsed Rodriguez Aguilera for the GOP nomination. They wrote, "We realize that Rodriguez Aguilera is an unusual candidate," but that they're impressed with her experience and ideas. She trains women from other countries how to run for political office.

  • Security Officer Fired For Uploading His Farts To Instagram


    A post shared by Paul Flart (@paulflart) on

    Known by the pseudonym Paul Flart, a security guard in a Florida hospital saw a video of his farts go viral in 2018. Flart - real name Doug, last name unknown - spent much of his job sitting in the lobby, which he noticed had good acoustics. This inspired him to create an Instagram account to document his farts for about six months. After someone uploaded a compilation of Paul Flart's farts to YouTube, the video went viral. 

    Unfortunately, Paul Flart's boss was less then amused and fired him for his actions. Flart live streamed his firing on Instagram. He wasn't fired for the fart videos exactly. The issue was he uploaded content on a client's property while wearing his official uniform. 

    Despite the setback, Flart is optimistic about his future. He plans to keep making videos using his pseudonym, hoping the gimmick could turn into a sustainable social media career. 

  • A Man Had His Monkey Taken Away After He Was Arrested For Driving A Stolen Car

    A Man Had His Monkey Taken Away After He Was Arrested For Driving A Stolen Car
    Video: YouTube

    In Holiday, FL, a man was separated from his illegal pet – a Capuchin monkey named Monk – after he was arrested for driving a stolen vehicle. The owner, Cody Blake Hesson, did not have a permit for the animal. Hesson was caught after driving the car into a ditch on June 8, 2018.

    Police let Hesson say goodbye to the diaper-wearing Monk before taking him to the Suncoast Primate Sanctuary. 

  • A Spider Monkey Attacked A Home Depot Employee When It Escaped From Its Owners Car

    A Spider Monkey Attacked A Home Depot Employee When It Escaped From Its Owners Car
    Video: YouTube

    A Home Depot store employee was attacked by a spider monkey in the store's parking lot on June 7, 2018. The monkey's owner, Tina Ballard, left the monkey in the car while she went inside the store. Despite the fact the monkey was leashed, it managed to escape and assault Marilyn Howard. 

    Howard grabbed the leash, and the monkey then climbed on her back. She walked the monkey to the front of the store in an attempt to find its owner, but when the automatic doors opened, it became scared and bit Howard on the arm.