WTF? Weird Things That Happened in Florida in 2019

The Sunshine State is known for its theme parks, intense weather, hundreds of miles of beaches, and crazy news stories. Florida news headlines often involve bizarre arrests, strange accidents, and more. If you're wondering what unusual events The Florida Man has been up to, browse this list of 2019's weird Florida news.

The latest Florida stories in 2019 range from unbelievable and weird to strange and funny. For whatever reason, Florida seems to be a beautiful balance of strange happenings and thorough reporting, so the whole world can see the wild events residents of the Sunshine State get up to. If you're fascinated by unusual news stories from Florida, read on to satisfy your itch.

These Florida headlines from 2019 will leave you laughing and rethinking your faith in humanity. Read up on these weird Florida 2019 stories below and keep current on the latest wtf events.

  • Vultures Take Over Vacation Home

    Vultures Take Over Vacation Home
    Video: YouTube

    A $702,000 vacation home recently purchased by New York couple the Casimanos has also become a favorite vacation spot for a flock of turkey vultures. Located near the lush Grassy Waters Preserve, the property is a regular feeding and roosting area for what is described as "dozens, if not hundreds," of the birds. The heavy-bodied turkey vultures have dented the Casimanos' car and dismantled screened enclosures - generally claiming the property and all in it as their own.

    Black vultures, like many of their species, also defecate on their legs to cool themselves and vomit when approached or disturbed, which presents a health hazard as well as creates more damage to the property.

    Unlike red-headed turkey vultures, the black vultures are aggressive and prone to attack small animals. The birds destroyed decoy owls put up by a neighbor, and when the Casimano family visited their property they kept their young child inside out of fear of the birds. Despite its proximity to the nature preserve, the luxurious West Palm Beach Ibis development did not have a history of animals invading the property, but complaints began coming to the Property Owners Association in the spring.

    A neighbor down the street from the Casimanos, Cheryl Katz, has an even larger population of the birds invading her yard, which she blames on her next-door neighbor's habit of feeding wildlife. Black vultures, as with all migratory birds, are protected by federal law, so the only options to discourage the birds from making themselves at home on the property is to scare them off, but so far all attempts - including setting off fireworks - have not worked.

  • Gator Crashes Florida Couple' Date

    Gator Crashes Florida Couple' Date
    Video: YouTube

    Gainsville couple Taylor Forte and Trevor Walters had planned a picnic at Lake Alice on May 30, 2019, before Walters left for the Marines in ten weeks. The couple's date was interrupted by the appearance of a large alligator who chased them off their blanket and proceeded to consume most of the food they had brought. The intruder consumed a block of cheese, some salami, half a watermelon, a pound of grapes, and a large bowl of guacamole before Walters spread his arms to appear bigger and approached the alligator while making noise, successfully bothering it enough it returned to the water.

    In describing the experience, Walter described the alligator's voracious attack of their picnic spread "He annihilated an entire block of cheese,” Walters said. “Gobbled it down, lickity split. The salami didn’t stand a chance."

  • Florida Man Calls 911 To Brag About Petty Crimes

    Florida Man Calls 911 To Brag About Petty Crimes
    Video: YouTube

    On May 4, 2019, St. John's County deputy was attempting to pull over a white Hyundai for a traffic stop, but the car took off, speeding out of the parking lot. About an hour later the local 911 received a call from a man who claimed to be the driver of the escaped vehicle, bragging about how easy it was for him to get away. According to the 911 transcript, he said: "Like what do we pay you guys for... like I’ve driven past 4 cops."

    The driver, Nicholas Jones, was apprehended a day later after deputies followed up on a tip. They let Jones know that they had not had his car's tag number and would have been unable to arrest him if he hadn't called 911. According to the arrest report, Jones replied, "That’s funny. So I told on myself? No cop can catch me in my Hyundai Elantra, that thing is fast."

    Jones was arrested May 5 for reckless driving, fleeing and eluding, misusing 911 and violation of probation.

  • Police Seize Edibles Packaged To Look Like Candy

    Police Seize Edibles Packaged To Look Like Candy
    Photo: Collier County Sheriff's Office / Facebook

    Detectives seized 332 different items sold in wrapping that resembles popular candy such as Sour Patch Kids and more. The overall value of the items is reportedly around $33,600.

    Although medical marijuana is legal in the state of Florida, there are laws that prohibit it from being packaged in such a way that could potentially attract children. According to Fox News, any THC infused food must be "sealed in plain, opaque wrapping and marked with a universal marijuana symbol." 

    Since the items seized by police could attract children, they asked residents to call Collier County Sheriff’s Office at 239-252-9300 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-780-8477 to remain anonymous if they encounter these specific edibles.