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WTF? Weird Things That Happened in Florida in 2019

Updated August 19, 2019 • 4:52pm PDT 18.6k views9 items

The Sunshine State is known for its theme parks, intense weather, hundreds of miles of beaches, and crazy news stories. Florida news headlines often involve bizarre arrests, strange accidents, and more. If you're wondering what unusual events The Florida Man has been up to, browse this list of 2019's weird Florida news.

The latest Florida stories in 2019 range from unbelievable and weird to strange and funny. For whatever reason, Florida seems to be a beautiful balance of strange happenings and thorough reporting, so the whole world can see the wild events residents of the Sunshine State get up to. If you're fascinated by unusual news stories from Florida, read on to satisfy your itch.

These Florida headlines from 2019 will leave you laughing and rethinking your faith in humanity. Read up on these weird Florida 2019 stories below and keep current on the latest wtf events.

  • Florida Man Threatens To Unleash Army of Turtles

    Thomas Devaney Lane, 61, was jailed in Brevard County after the police received seven calls - from three different locations - about him disturbing the peace. Lane, who repeatedly referred to himself as "a saint," visited three cafes on April 7, 2019, threatening to "destroy everyone with an army of turtles." The Indialantic Police Department dispatched officers to investigate the disturbances and although Lane accompanied them back to the police department he soon left after yelling at the dispatcher in the lobby.

    He was later forcibly removed from his car at a 7-11 and arrested, after calling 911 and again threatening a dispatch officer. Lane is facing multiple charges that include resisting an officer without violence and misusing 911.

  • Florida Man Wields Dangerous Cookie

    Although his history is less delicious - including various domestic incidents - the alleged behavior that brought Wade Alan Smith, also known as "Tattoo Wade" into the custody of the Pasco County Sheriff's Office on February 24, 2019 involved baked goods. According to the victim's statement, Smith threw a hard piece of cookie at his girlfriend's forehead, striking hard enough to leave a mark.

    In the arrest affidavit, it was made clear that Smith threw the cookie without his girlfriend's consent. The two live together and the police visited their home on a disturbance call. In the report, the cookie chunk used as a projectile was classified as "Other-Dangerous."

  • Florida's Own Doorbell-Licking Incident

    Florida's Own Doorbell-Licking Incident
    Photo: Ring.Com

    Not many weeks after a man was caught spending three hours licking a doorbell in Californa, Florida provided its own version of what is hopefully not a trend. On January 24, 2019, man approached the front door of a home in Lake Worth, Florida, holding a stack of what appears to be printed flyers and alternated between pointing out various sections and leaning in to lick the video doorbell.

    The man, who was known to the homeownder but not named, did not put as much time into the doorbell-licking as his west coast compatriot. An individual that the public information officer for the Village of Palm Springs Police Department says they "encounter on a frequent basis," he will not be facing any charges.

  • The Machete Named "Kindness"

    According to a police report from the Santa Rosa County Sheriff's office, Bryan Duane Stewart told his neighbor that he was going to “kill ‘em with kindness” shortly before attacking him with a machete with the word "kindness" written on it. The victim was unharmed other than a small cut on his hand. Stewart was charged with aggravated assault and booked into the Santa Rosa County Jail on January 10, 2019.

    Three days later, on Twitter, writer Rob Rousseau shared a joke tweet from 2013, which strangely anticipated this attack.