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16 Incredible (and Disgusting) World Records Involving Food

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Everyone loves to eat, but these people really love food. Whether they make a living traveling around eating thousands of hot dogs and cow brains or build insane sculptures out of chocolate and cake, their passion for food will surprise you. This food world records list includes everything from professional competitive eaters destroying massive steaks to college kids who nabbed a world record throwing the most epic dessert party of all time.  

Food is a huge part of culture, life, fun, and in the case of the Carolina Reaper Pepper, even pain. Some of these world records related to food are truly incredible. If you thought eating an extra burger at that one party was a big deal, get ready to take a look at a burger that weighs more than some fully grown people do. Whether you love sweet, savory, or just plain crazy, there is definitely something on this list to sink your teeth into. Bon appetit! 

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    Most Cow Brains Eaten in 15 Minutes

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    Takeru Kobayashi is a Japanese competitive eater that holds numerous world records. In 2002, Fox broadcasted The Glutton Bowl, an intense competition sanctioned by the International Federation of Competitive Eating. Contestants had to work their way through various rounds, eating things such as hard boiled eggs, whole sticks of butter, hot dogs, mayonnaise, and cow brains. Kobayashi took the final cow brain round by eating a 1/3 pound of them in just 15 minutes

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    The Most Expensive Hamburger Ever

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    The most expensive hamburger ever made was a huge burger crafted by Juicy Foods and Ovations Foodservices for Juicy's Outlaw Grill. The restaurant is based in Corvallis, OR. The burger was made on July 2, 2011, and cost $5,000. 

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    The World's Largest Pizza

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    The largest pizza ever made had a surface area that measured an insane 13,580.28 ft^2. It was prepared by a group from NIPfood lead by Dovilio Nardi in Rome, Italy in 2012. The pizza was christened "Ottavia," which is a word of Roman origin meaning "eighth son." This 100% gluten-free pizza was not only an homage to the Roman emperor Octavian Augustus but was also meant to be good press for a health-conscious gluten free diet. 

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    The Largest Scoop of Ice Cream

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    At the Cedarburg Strawberry Festival held in Cedarburg, WI, in 2014, the largest ice cream scoop ever scooped was born. Kemps LLC created a massive 3,010-lb. ice cream treat for the festival. This massive strawberry scoop stood 5'6" tall and measured 6'2" wide. It was comprised of 733 containers of ice cream and enjoyed for free by thousands of festival attendees. 

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