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15 Strange Foreign Customs That Shock Americans

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If you've ever traveled to another country, you know that customs can be extremely different around the world. Sometimes, these new rituals and traditions just take a little while to get used to - but in other cases, the strange practices of other cultures can seem downright repulsive. This list is of the foreign practices that most shock Americans, from eating bugs to exhuming corpses.

  • Sky Burial in Tibet

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    A sky burial is the practice of chopping up the body of a dead person and setting out the pieces to be eaten by vultures. The tradition is practiced by Tibetans and Mongolians, as part of their religion, Vajrayana Buddhism. They believe that a body is only an empty shell, and that the vultures who feast on it will carry the soul of the deceased person up to heaven.
  • Body Suspension in the United States

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    Body suspension is the act of hanging a person by several hooks which pierce through the flesh. The Native American Mandan tribe practiced the tradition annually for thousands of years; it was a rite of passage for young warriors and a celebration of the creation of the earth. Body suspension is still practiced today, though it has shed most of its ritualistic elements and become more of a personal spiritual experience and test of strength.

  • Eating Dogs in Vietnam, Korea, & China

    Dog is a popular dish in Vietnam, Korea, and some parts of China. The southern Chinese city of Yulin slaughters about 10,000 dogs every year for their dog meat festival. Many Chinese people believe that eating dog on the summer solstice will bring good luck for the rest of the year.
  • Drinking Blood in Kenya

    The Maasai people in Kenya regularly drink cow's blood mixed with milk. Interestingly, they don't often eat beef. They routinely harvest the blood and milk from their cows without killing them instead.