Real Government Programs That Sound Fishy... But Aren't

If there’s one complaint every taxpayer loudly voices about the government, it’s that there’s way too many agencies, boards, and programs. But what if some of those weird government departments were actually doing things that helped society? For instance, there’s a government agency whose sole purpose is to help you get free money. That’s all they do!

Most of the obscure government agencies on this list came out of the New Deal idea of giving people jobs in order to jump start the economy. And it's hard not to be on board with anything that makes life strange while boosting the economy. Keep reading to learn about even more obscure government agencies, departments, and programs. They sound made up, but they're all really real.

When you start looking at all of the weird government agencies that make up America, the hyper-efficient world and bureaucratic world of Terry Gilliam’s Brazil comes to mind. It turns out that no matter what you do, there are a couple of weird federal government agencies policing your strange interests. And as obscure as some of the agencies are on this list, they could get even weirder. Where are the government agencies for ghost hunters and competitive eaters? After you read this list of weird government agencies remember to go get your free money.