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Sperm Candy And Other Bizarre Treats From Around The World

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What's your favorite type of candy? Chances are you didn't answer "sperm gummies" or "foaming toilet pixie-sticks." Yet these are only two of the really obscure, and ingeniously grotesque, sweets you can find at specialty stores or online.

For all the tried-and-true traditional treats the world has to offer, there's a veritable confectionery smorgasbord of weird candies out there. Camel testicles, breast milk, human cremains: the strangest things can inspire a whole new snack, if they get to the desk of the right marketing visionary (and into the minds of the right Wonka innovator). Some of these bizarre treats from around the world might even be available at your local corner store - but are you brave enough to sample them?

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    Candied Baby Crabs

    Photo: Crazy From Kong / via Blogspot

    Hungry? Why not reach for a bag of desiccated, mummified baby crabs, brushed with a sweet glaze and with all their (petrified) innards intact? Kanniko brand dried crabs are apparently a big hit in New York City and parts of Asia. They're widely available in convenience stores, but they're also a popular "drinking snack" at bars.

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      Photo: Wikimedia Commons / CC-BY

      Salsagheti is a bit spicier than the average candy. This Mexican treat consists of spiced watermelon candy straws and tamarind dipping sauce - so it's kind of like deconstructed spaghetti, rolled out from a Surrealist pasta grinder.

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        Foaming Toilet Candy

        Photo: Toys and Funny Kids Surprise Eggs / via YouTube

        This is exactly what it sounds like: a sweet, foaming substance you can "grow" in a whimsical, customized toilet-shaped container. According to thousands of enchanted consumers, Moko Moko Mokoletto Toilet Foam Candy is really good. But that doesn't diminish the grotesque genius of its product description:

        "The kit includes stickers so you can personalize your toilet with a face and motifs. Once it's built, you can empty one of the three included powder sachets (soda, strawberry and melon soda) down the tank, then pour in some water, and wait while the toilet magically fills up with expanding foam, which you can suck out of the bowl with the included straw!"

        The fun doesn't stop there, though. The candy's makers hasten to assure consumers that, once assembled, the delicious little toilets can be "re-used."

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          Men's Pocky

          Photo: happypuppytruffles / via YouTube

          When you're marketing candy, appealing to one's masculinity is key. After all, no self-respecting male could possibly risk buying a box of  pink and pretty bonbons that might inspire observers to question his virility. That's presumably why some male consumers prefer men's pocky, with its reassuring blue backdrop and blocky, masculine font.

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