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The Weirdest And Most Haunted Places In Texas

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There are some weird Texas places out there. The Lone Star State may be best known for football, cowboys, and super-sized everything, but creepy Texas should definitely be in the conversation, too, as this list shows.

Texas checks all the boxes when it comes to creepy locations. Hospitals, lakes, ships, mental hospitals - the major cities in Texas have countless locations that are haunted or just give off strange and creepy vibes. Outside the cities - in hill country, for example - things can get creepier still. And that's without even looking into the most haunted Texas hotel, for which there are dozens of candidates. 

If you are an aspiring ghost hunter, or if you just want something a little different to do on your next visit to Texas, then this is the list for you. Some of these spots offer guided tours, while others leave you to discover the ghosts on your own - if you dare.

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