The Weird History Staff's Top Lists Of 2021

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Whether you’re a Civil War buff, a nostalgia aficionado, or just plain curious about history, there’s something for everyone at Weird History. The wide range of content we make reflects the broad array of interests and expertise of our team. One of the cool things about working here is the chance to share our passion projects with Weird History readers. 

This list shows the pieces we most enjoyed working on this year, along with a little bit of insight into the thinking behind them.  

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    Historic Landmarks With Secret Rooms

    Historic Landmarks That Actually Have Secret Rooms

    From Mallory Weiler:

    These were just so much fun to find out about. I had a great time researching this because it's like the epitome of what I love about working here.

  • Photos Of Extinct Animals
    Photo: Nelson Robinson / Wikimedia Commons / Public domain
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    Photos Of Extinct Animals

    Actual Photos Of Now Extinct Animals

    From Pierce Nahigyan:

    This is a simple list from much earlier in the year, but it's one I think about a lot. The list of animals lost to extinction doesn't begin and end with dinosaurs and the dodo, it's a process that continues into the present day - and that's made crystal clear with this list. It's a fascinating glimpse into relatively recent history, and gives readers a chance to see creatures they may be learning about for the very first time. Coming from a background in environmental reporting, I'm partial to these types of stories - even though my frustration with the subject only increases with time.

  • Stories About World War I
    Photo: Walther Dobbertin / Bundesarchiv, Bild 105-DOA3056 / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 3.0 DE
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    Stories About World War I

    12 Stories About World War I Most People Don't Know

    This was a great chance to show how there was a lot more to the first World War than the deadlock of the Western Front. Things like the Eastern Front, Africa, and Romania’s disastrous involvement don’t typically get a lot of attention in textbooks or media, so it was a rewarding challenge to center a list around those types of items.

  • The Most Overrated People In History, According To Weird History Editors And Contributors
    Photo: Alberto Korda / Wikimedia Commons / Public domain
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    The Most Overrated People In History, According To Weird History Editors And Contributors

    13 Of The Most Overrated People In History, According To Weird History Editors And Contributors

    From Brenden Donnelly:

    Writing and compiling this list was a blast. The items I wrote come from a place of genuine irritation, so I was able to air how annoyed I’ve been about the oversaturation of certain figures and names. But what made this list even better was getting to talk to others and read their thoughts. It’s not often we get to express our opinions, so the fact it got such good reception was wonderful.

  • People Who Worked With Robin Williams
    Photo: Good Will Hunting / Miramax Films
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    People Who Worked With Robin Williams

    What People Who Worked With Robin Williams Said About Him

    From Mallory Weiler:

    I loved finding out stories about Robin Williams I didn't realize before. I thought I loved him before, but man it's so much more now.

  • Alexander The Great's Empire 
    Photo: Berthold Werner / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 3.0
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    Alexander The Great's Empire 

    What Actually Happened To Alexander's Empire Immediately After He Died

    I had a lot of fun putting together a collection of facts about Alexander the Great, and something that really struck me was how quickly it all fell apart after his passing. So I looked a bit more into the immediate aftermath and was hooked by the stories of intrigue, strategic maneuvering, and personal rivalries and failures. Turns out Alexander was an impossible act to follow. 

    It was very rewarding to put together and bring this incredible story to a wider audience.