15 People Reveal Their Family's Weirdest Holiday Traditions You Might Want To Try This Year

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Holiday lovers: vote up the weirdest traditions you might add to your holiday season.

It seems like the holidays are always just around the corner. It's the perfect time to gather with family, eat great food, and get a little weird. Each family has its own weird holiday traditions and these Redditors are sharing theirs. Read up on these unusual traditions and maybe get inspired to add them to your list!

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    Hiding A Pickle On The Tree

    From Redditor u/elliotsilvestri:

    We hang a pickle on the Christmas tree. Whichever kid finds it first on Christmas morning gets an extra present (it’s always candy).

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    Blowing Up Gingerbread Houses

    From Redditor u/chicitygirl46:

    Blowing up our gingerbread houses with dry ice bombs.

    Every year we make gingerbread houses, then after a week or two blow them up. I mean, who actually eats their gingerbread house anyways? It's all gross candy that ends up in the trash!

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    Sleeping Behind The Christmas Tree

    From a former Redditor

    I slept behind the Christmas tree for years, well into my teens. My mom even did it, only when she did it, she knocked over the tree and we had to get a fake one.

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    Reciting Poems During Secret Santa

    From Redditor u/lucyinthesky95:

    We have a large family so usually do a Secret Santa for the adults (everyone is assigned one person to buy for; who buys for who is not revealed until you give presents, usually a price limit). In our family, we do joke presents, and along with them everyone writes and recites a funny poem (which is particularly fun because everyone is crap about it). You get to hear all these family stories that not everyone knows about, or are reminded of stories you've forgotten and it brings us all a lot closer and puts less stress on getting the perfect gift because the poem and the explanation are more what counts. It started just with Christmas, but now someone tends to do this, buying a joke gift and reciting a poem at every big family event (milestone birthdays and anniversaries, weddings, graduation parties). It's really fun, gets us thinking, means we don't have to waste money on expensive gifts, and makes gift-giving more of a family thing, everyone being entertained by and enjoying each gift. Although the stories can be a little embarrassing, everyone is equally embarrassed so it feels more like you're being included. Everyone's not laughing at you; we're all laughing at each other and ourselves.

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    Watching 'Die Hard'

    From Redditor u/thewolfwhocriedboy_:

    Watching Die Hard. Followed by Die Hard 2.

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    Seeing A Bad Movie On Christmas Eve

    From a former Redditor

    My sister, dad, and I all go shopping and to see a sh*tty movie the day before Christmas so my mom has time to wrap her gifts for us.


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