Awesomely Weird Homemade Bongs That'll Trip You Out

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There are a lot of stereotypes when it comes to stoners: they're lazy, sketchy, paranoid – the list goes on. But the one thing that that people forget about pot smokers is that they’re super resourceful when it comes to getting stoned. Why spend ten dollars on a measly glass pipe when you can smoke weed out of a dream catcher? Or better yet, a slice of pizza. At least it would pretty immediately quench the munchies. If you’re thinking about learning to make a pipe, this list of awesomely weird pipes has some excellent ideas for your first DIY bong. Just don’t let your mom see what you’re working on.

Aside from getting to binge-watch TV and eat whatever you want, smoking out of funny bongs is one of the perks of being a stoner. If you smoke a lot of weed, it’s almost expected that you have at least one novelty pipe in your arsenal of smoking accouterments. Whether you’re a stoner mastermind who gets high with the help of an old X Box controller, or you prefer to use fruits and vegetables to make your DIY bubblers, this list of funny pipes is sure to give you some ideas for your next creation.

Vote up the funniest and most interesting homemade bongs and pipes. And if you’re a DIY pipe master, leave us a comment about the coolest homemade pipe that you’ve ever had to put together in a pinch.

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    Ice Ice Baby

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    Not Even Smoking Weed Can Make Band Geeks Cool

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    So Much Fiber

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    If Your Dream Was to Get Stoned, Then Consider It Caught

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    The Number One Reason to Keep Your Old Toys Around

    The Number One Reason to Keep Your Old Toys Around
    Photo: flickr / CC0
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    The Definition of Cross-Faded

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