15 People Share Their Weirdest Houseguest Stories To Prepare You For The Worst

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Having houseguests can be a super fun time! But it can also end up being an absolute nightmare. Sometimes the people you let into your home are pleasant and respectful. Other times they make off with your stuff in the night, never to be seen from again. And others still are just plain weird. These Redditors are sharing their strange houseguest stories that are definitely the later. If you're planning on having guests and want to prepare for weird houseguest occurrences, then keep reading!

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    She Ate The Host's Dog Food

    From Redditor u/KoemiTheDutchBabe_:

    Ate the dog's pellets. The bag was nearly full before she came and was half full when she left.

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    She Got Drunk And Urinated On The Bath Mat With The Door Wide Open

    From Redditor u/yasm76:

    An old neighbor got drunk at a poker game at my house. She then went into my bathroom, left the door open and peed on the bath mat. My friend walked in on it and the neighbor said it was because she couldn’t find the light switch. The hall light was on, which fully lit up this tiny bathroom.

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    He Borrowed The Host's Laptop To Watch Adult Videos On The Couch

    From Redditor u/Emerald_see:

    He said he needed to look up something on the internet so I lent him my laptop. He then proceeds to watch adult videos on my couch while I am 6 ft away from him. I took the laptop back...

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    She Left Their Host's House Overnight To Meet Up With A Guy Who Wasn't Her Husband

    From Redditor u/whitewidow33B:

    Had a former friend visit me from overseas and literally disappear overnight to go and sleep with some guy she'd been talking to online... leaving me to field a call from her husband, who wanted to know why his wife wasn't answering her phone.

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    She Drank 25 Bottles Of Wine In One Week And Stained The Mattress And Rug

    From Redditor u/gchachabattari:

    My mom made a friend at her Church who was in need of a place to stay and we had a spare room. She ended up drinking about 25 BOTTLES of my mom's wine in one week and ruining the mattress and rug with reddish-brown hair dye that we thought was blood for a long time.

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    He Treated His Host's Home Like His Own Personal Hotel Room

    From Redditor u/debtopramenschultz:

    My friend treated my house like it was his own hotel room. I thought he was coming to visit me and we'd coordinate stuff to do together, but it turns out he just wanted to save money on a place to sleep.

    He had his own plans and didn't tell me about any of them until he got to my place. And he even tried getting his other friends in the area to sleep at my place.

    I hadn't seen him in years, too. So I was disappointed that I planned my holiday weekend around my friend but he had other plans.

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