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Bizarre Human Body World Records You Seriously Won't Believe

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Some weird world records are just too bizarre to really wrap your head around. Besides the fame, why else would you get pierced thousands of times, or grow your fingernails so long they're unusable? Well, for whatever reason, there are some world record holders that specifically use their body as a means of gaining fame. Some of these people are frightening, some are fascinating, and some are just impressive. You'll have to decide for yourself which record-holders you think fit into which category. 

For this body world records list, the subjects seem to be of one of two types: either their bodies were modified in some extreme way, or they were just born with unusual characteristics and gifts. From men who can run on all-fours to women with a little (okay, a lot) more facial hair than usual, get ready to see some body feats you've never even dreamed about before.

There's not going to be blood or guts here, and you're not going to see violence, but if weird things freak you out you might want to take a deep breath. Because these are, certifiably, some of the physically weirdest people there are. 

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    Largest Tumor Ever Removed From a Living Person

    Video: YouTube

    Tumors are no laughing matter - they're never something to celebrate unless they're successfully removed. Luckily, this is the case for an unnamed 34 year old woman, who had the largest intact tumor ever recorded removed from her right ovary in 1991. The tumor was removed successfully by Katherine O’Hanlan at the Stanford University Medical Center in California over the course of six hours, and the patient went home to make a full recovery.

    Upon removal, the tumor was 303 pounds in weight, and over three feet long. Let's hope this is one record that isn't beat anytime soon.

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    Largest Foreign Object Removed From Human Skull

    Video: YouTube

    The natural reaction to getting stabbed in the head is generally panic, bleeding, screaming, and death. When Michael Hill was stabbed on April 12, 1998 that all happened. . . except for the death part. He was stabbed with an eight-inch serrated knife, that doctors were able to work carefully and diligently to remove. Miraculously, he survived without widespread damage, and he found out later that he was now the world record holder for largest item removed from a human brain. So basically it was all worth it!

    Before you watch the video, be forewarned, there is some graphic imagery. 

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    Oldest Living Conjoined Twins

    Video: YouTube

    Sadly, conjoined twins don't tend to have a long lifespan. However, in the case of Ronnie and Donnie Galyon, their life together is something of a marvel, and a record-breaking one at that. The twins share a lower digestive tract, groin, and rectum (!!) and are unable to be separated without killing one or both of them. Miraculously, the two of them have remained healthy through the years, and in 2014, when they turned 63 years of age, they passed the previous record holders, Giacomo and Giovanni Battista Tocci who lived during the 1800s. 

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    Fastest Running on Four Legs

    Video: YouTube

    Those who see Kenichi Ito run are bound to think he looks like some kind of animal (which is probably why he's lovingly known as the Monkey Man.) However, he's all human, and a world record holder for his strange but impressive ability to run on all fours. The 30-year-old Japanese man set a record in November 2013 for sprinting 100m on his arms and legs in the shockingly low time of 16.87 seconds! And whose record did he beat, you might wonder. Why, his own, of course!

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