11 Of The Most Delicious Ways To Eat Bugs Around The World

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Global cuisine is full of surprises, especially when it comes to insects. Most countries around the world already enjoy bugs as a traditional part of their food culture but Americans have just never really gotten on board with bug-eating...at least, not that they're aware. But surprisingly innovative bug recipes are popping up every day, even in the US, providing even squeamish Westerners with inventive ways to eat bugs. The number of ways you can eat insects has expanded exponentially- they can be found in street food dishes, high-end restaurants, and even in new and innovative cooking products.

Check out some of these weird insect recipes - maybe trying out some new bug snacks won't be as scary as it seems.


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    The Atlanta Hawks Concessions Now Feature Cajun Cricket Tacos

    The Atlanta Hawks Concessions Now Feature Cajun Cricket Tacos
    Photo: Buk244 / YouTube

    Atlanta's NBA team, the Hawks, have made a head-turning addition to their concession stands this season. Along with the standard gameday foods, one stand will now be offering cricket tacos. The crickets are supplied by Texas company Aketta, who provide flavors such as Texas BBQ and Sweet-n-Spicy Cajun. The tacos are three for $12, and include sliced avocado, onion, queso fresco, cilantro, and Cajun-spiced crickets. The Hawks hope to be the first sports team to serve crickets at their games, though the Mariners are already serving toasted grasshoppers

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    At The Audubon Insectarium In New Orleans, Bugs Are A Sweet Treat

    At The Audubon Insectarium In New Orleans, Bugs Are A Sweet Treat
    Photo: Mills Baker / Flickr / CC BY 2.0

    New Orleans boasts the largest free-standing insectarium in the country, so it isn't surprising that they've come up with some pretty innovative ideas to get guests even closer to the bugs. At their Bug Appetit cafe, insects are baked into cookies (chocolate "chirp," with crickets), folded into fudge, and placed on skewers to be dipped into a chocolate fountain. The cafe is a huge hit with kids, since it turns once-icky bugs into sweet treats. 

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    Ant Eggs Make A Delicious Caviar

    Ant Eggs Make A Delicious Caviar
    Photo: Ruptly TV / Youtube

    In Mexico, ant are delicately collected and turned into a delicacy known as "ant caviar." The large, white eggs are cleaned and added to a frying pan with onions, garlic, peppers, and some herbs to gently cook. The mixture is served with lemon, guacamole, and warm tortillas to create a truly Mexican dish. The flavor is described as delicious and fresh, and similar to a "fresh vegetable." 

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    Cricket Flour Is Taking The World By Storm

    Cricket Flour Is Taking The World By Storm
    Photo: MaxPixel / CC0 1.0

    The culinary industry has seen its fair share of trendy new ways of replacing traditional ingredients. The latest craze is cricket flour. The flour consists of crickets that have been dried and sent through two rounds of grinding: after the first coarse grind, legs, wings, and other bits are sifted out. If you don't want to grind your own, of course, cricket flour is available online as well.

    The resulting powder can be used to make all kinds of baked goods like cake and muffins. The flavor supposedly varies depending on the diet and type of the crickets used, with different producers favoring different species. For people who have dietary restrictions (like gluten), cricket flour can serve as a protein-packed alternative.