16 Weird Posts We Saw On The Internet This Month That Made Us Wonder Why We Don't Go Outside More

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From airport mystery juice to Olive Joys, here are some of the weirdest posts we saw on the internet this month that made us say “but why?” Enjoy!

  • 1. Not Sure That That Was Necessary

    Not Sure That That Was Necessary
    Photo: u/TRASHBOAT_94 / Reddit
    381 votes
  • 2. Hermit Crab Housing Market

    Hermit Crab Housing Market
    Photo: Twitter / Reddit
    401 votes
  • 3. The Ring (2002)

    The Ring (2002)
    Photo: Twitter / Reddit
    250 votes
  • 4. Yum?

    Photo: u/discord_light_mode / Reddit
    210 votes
  • 5. Whale Milk

    Whale Milk
    Photo: u/Spartaner-043 / Reddit
    220 votes
  • 6. Ouch

    Photo: u/B-L-O-C-K-S / Reddit
    246 votes