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The Strangest Jokes from Invader Zim, a Cartoon Ahead of Its Time

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Although it didn't last very long, Nickelodeon's cult classic animated hit Invader Zim carved out a nice following for itself. Try to hunt down someone born in the '90s who can't quote GIR in some capacity or recount Invader Zim gags and you will find it simply can't be done.

What made Invader Zim such a favorite throughout its short run was its "out there" style of humor and a total willingness to embrace the weird. Although the humor wasn't for everyone, the show still knew how to make people laugh. If you were a fan of strange animation from 2001 to 2002 and an embracer of the weird yourself, this show was for you. Check out this list highlighting some of the weird Invader Zim jokes that made the show such a joy to watch.

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    Ms. Bitters Explains Life to Dib

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    Has there ever been a show that describes this crazy thing called life any better than Invader Zim? When Dib busts into class complaining about horrible, nightmare visions, Ms. Bitters calmly tells him it's just life and he needs to sit down. It doesn't even seem like a joke, but rather more of a casual statement. Thanks, Invader Zim, for explaining to us the meaning behind our existence. 

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    Everyone Loves Salted Nuts

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    Imagine you're at a political rally, and after the person speaking talks about how he is going to decapitate another person because their head is so big, they suddenly declare they're going to fill the decapitated head with salted nuts instead. Then, of course, a robot in a dog costume jumps out and starts spraying salted nuts into the crowd, making them all go wild. That person would easily become the next president of the United States. 

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    You Gonna Make Biscuits?

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    It feels like the writer of this joke thought that GIR saying, "You gonna make biscuits?" was funny, but not quite weird enough for people. So instead of saying it once, GIR repeats his question four times in a row (all with that freaky kid in the background) before Zim tells him, with menace, that he never wants GIR to mention biscuits ever again. 

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    Always Be Polite to Pigs

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    As GIR casually enjoys a tea party with his friend Pig, he's suddenly called away. He politely excuses himself and that should have been the end of it. Instead, GIR climbs over the table, gets in Pig's face and screams about how he has to go and he'll see him later, before shooting off with his feet jets. The kicker is how it cuts back to Pig, all charred, and dramatic music plays for no discernible reason. "No Discernible Reason" is the perfect way to explain the humor for this show. 

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