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The Strangest Jokes from Invader Zim, a Cartoon Ahead of Its Time

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Although it didn't last very long, Nickelodeon's cult classic animated hit Invader Zim carved out a nice following for itself. Try to hunt down someone born in the '90s who can't quote GIR in some capacity or recount Invader Zim gags and you will find it simply can't be done.

What made Invader Zim such a favorite throughout its short run was its "out there" style of humor and a total willingness to embrace the weird. Although the humor wasn't for everyone, the show still knew how to make people laugh. If you were a fan of strange animation from 2001 to 2002 and an embracer of the weird yourself, this show was for you. Check out this list highlighting some of the weird Invader Zim jokes that made the show such a joy to watch.

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    The Cleverly Disguised Turkey

    Video: YouTube

    So many questions, so little time. How did GIR cook himself inside the turkey? Why did he bother to do it at all? What pushes this clip into even weirder territory is GIR repeatedly emphasizing that he was the turkey all along, like it was some huge M. Night Shyamalan-level twist we never saw coming. Good job GIR, you fooled us. 

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    The Dreaded Room with a Moose

    Video: YouTube

    What's the scariest thing you could imagine? A world made up of pure itching? A dimension where everything is made up of nothing but poop? How about... wait for it... a room.... with a moose! In one episode, Zim tries to get rid of Dib and his fellow classmates by sending them to a dimension made up entirely of a room with a moose in it. At first Dib doesn't seem frightened—until he sees the moose eat walnuts and that's enough to strike the fear of God into him. 

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    Over-the-Top Aspirin Commercial

    Video: YouTube

    Can you figure out which part of this joke belongs in an animated cartoon that aired on a kid's network? GIR is watching a commercial where a man is walking along when suddenly his spine snaps. He shrieks and gurgles in pain for a few seconds before the commercial ends with a big sign that says "ASPIRIN." It's absolutely hilarious, but it's tremendously odd and weird for a children's cartoon. 

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    It Can Happen Anywhere, Anytime

    Video: YouTube

    Find another show where an alien brings a set of robot parents to parent-teacher night, only to have them malfunction and start reenacting a diarrhea commercial. What makes it even weirder is the dad robot's continuing moan even after he says diarrhea, which causes everyone to turn and look.

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