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Weird Israeli Military Rules

Updated 6 Nov 2018 88.2k views12 items

Israel is in a tough position. It's in the Middle East, which can be a very volatile region. Not only that, but it's essentially surrounded by countries and people who don't like it very much. So it's no surprise that the Israeli military has to be tough.

Israeli soldiers are well-trained because they have to be able to face the many threats looming over their country on a constant basis. But Israel also has used that problem for its benefit by using the military to bring about many social reforms that haven't been seen elsewhere.

These military reforms could definitely seem weird to outsiders, but given the history and cultural influences of the Israeli people, they make sense. If you were surrounded by potential threats, wouldn't you want all the citizens to have some kind of military experience? It may not be normal everywhere, but in Israel, it's their way of life. 

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