The 25 Weirdest Things James Franco Has Ever Done

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James Franco keeps it weird whether he's in movies, on a soap opera, creating meta performance art, painting, publishing fiction, or just living his life. Franco might just be from another universe, or at least another dimension where you can be famous and act like a weirdo without being made fun of. Even though we can't stop pointing and laughing, he somehow manages to balance acting in high profile films, directing dramatic retellings of Three’s Company, and reciting poetry from his bed. Say what you will about him (and we do say some stuff in this list), the man is a workhorse and, for lack of a better term, an artist. But he’s also definitely and deliberately weird, which is why we’ve taken our time to catalog the strangest stuff that James Franco has ever done.

After researching James Franco, the main thing we’ve discovered is that he’s kind of exhausting. How does he even have time for all this weirdness? It seems like Franco must have an identical twin he switches every day. That sounds weird, but it’s hardly as odd as any number of the things that Franco has done in full view of the public.

There's no shortage of outlandish behavior from the Oscar-nominated actor and we've listed it all right here for you to decide. Vote on the weirdest thing that you think James Franco’s ever done or publicly acknowledged doing.