The All-Time Weirdest Japanese Kids Shows

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Television is riddle with uncanny, colorful, and psychedelic kids' show. Among the wildest children's shows around the globe, crazy Japanese shows take things to a whole new level of wacky. These shows are full of surreal experiences, quirky humor, and bizarre animation styles that are pleasantly weird.

From live action and stop motion series with action-packed and adventure-oriented plots, to erratic and fun series that use simple animation filled with quirky humor, these strange Japanese TV shows can be appreciated by kids and anyone looking for something true strange and original.

Photo: NHK

  • Crayon Shin-Chan
    Video: YouTube

    Crayon Shin-Chan is a family comedy starring a rude and lewd five-year-old tyke named Shin-Chan. Its English adaption includes way more profanity and vulgarity than its Japanese counterpart (usually it's the other way around), but that's probably because the super weird content and animation allowed them to get weird with it.

    Underneath all the poop and pee and genital jokes, Crayon Shin-chan is actually one of the most beloved kids' shows in Japan.

  • Bananya

    Video: YouTube

    Do you ever hear your bananas making noises in the night? Maybe knocking over your things or scratching at your furniture? Well, according to the logic of this Japanese kids' show, there's probably a cat living in one of them. Seems like airtight logic. 

    Bananya's concept of a half-banana half-cat creature is undeniably cute, but also super, super weird. Just think about what life must be like for such a creature. Good thing it's just a cat that lives in a banana, otherwise, Bananya would probably encourage a deluge of unwanted anatomy questions from kids watching it at home.

  • Donyatsu

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    Humans have become extinct due to some sort of unknown catastrophe, and left in their wake are some strangely cute pastry creatures. It's a pretty odd set up for a kids' show. In this weird post-apocalyptic society, you'll find a cute fusion of sweet baked goods and cats, living in a surreal world that's literally void of all other life. But, hey, if you like donuts and kittens you're pretty much good to go. 

    On a surface level, kids might see Donyatsu as adorable and fun, but it's also kind of horrifying.

  • Oshiri Kajiri Mushi (Bottom Biting Bug)

    Oshiri Kajiri Mushi (Bottom Biting Bug)
    Video: YouTube

    Oshiri Kajiri Mushi (Bottom Biting Bug) has a psychedelic and colorful style presented in a strange sketch comedy format. As you can probably guess, it's about a bug who bites bottoms.

    His family has just opened up a Bitery for biting these bottoms (which you just know some people in the real world would totally pay for). There are new, wacky occurrences that happen the clan has to deal with every day. As colorful and as cute as it seems, it's still about a bug and this family who exclusively bite butts for a living. So, there's that. 

  • Jagainu-kun (Dogtato)

    Jagainu-kun (Dogtato)
    Video: YouTube

    Is it a dog? Is it a potato? Is it both? These are the important questions, people. 

    All of the animals in Jagainu-kun are infused with elements of fruits or vegetables, and they all seem to feel just fine about it. In this series, you can watch Dogtato go about his adventures with the other inhabitants of "Veggie-town", get a girlfriend, and, you know, live the good life of a dog. Or a potato. Or whatever it is...

  • Shokupan Mimi

    Shokupan Mimi
    Video: YouTube

    Shokupan Mimi revolves around the simple life of a piece of bread named Mimi. Jeez, what is it with Japan and carbohydrate heroes? Anyway, fans get to watch Mimi do confusing (but somehow totally charming) bread things, like slather herself in jam to accentuate her makeup. If you've ever wanted to know what it's like to live as a piece of bread, then you'll probably be entertained by watching Mimi live her strange bread life.