Truly Bizarre Fan Art Of Jar Jar Binks

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Jar Jar Binks is widely regarded as one of the worst characters in Star Wars – perhaps because he's a possible Sith puppet, but maybe because he's just straight-up annoying. Even the Ewoks, who were rumored to have been created solely to appeal to children, are more widely beloved. That says a whole lot.  When Jar Jar first showed his face in a galaxy far, far away during 1999's The Phantom Menace, people actually started picketing George Lucas. Fans created angry web pages dedicated to all the ways in which Jar Jar should die and die-hards swore to boycott the series.

While some Jar Jar Binks fan art violently lives out our fantasies of getting rid of the film's most obnoxious character, the funny little dude isn't completely hated. He did manage to snag his own Rolling Stone cover, a feat for creatures of all planets. There's also a large swath of people on the internet who either want to watch the world burn or truly believe that Jar Jar is the greatest Sith Lord of all time. Really, though: could a creature that ridiculous truly exist without getting instantly slaughtered by the dark side?

Out of everything terrible Jar Jar Binks is said to have brought to the series, there is a silver lining: all the weird Star Wars fan art. Leave it to the internet to come up with weird Jar Jar Binks pictures that are so uncomfortable they make us want to crawl inside of a dead tauntaun. This Jar Jar Binks fan art is the weirdest of the bunch. It's so strange it will have you saying "Mesa no likey" and then promptly smack your head into your hands for talking like Jar Jar.

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    Mesa Jar Jar Buffs

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    It's Really Sad When You Think Of It This Way

    It's Really Sad When You Think Of It This Way
    Photo: Carsten Odenthal / DeviantArt
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    A True Naboo Masterpiece

    A True Naboo Masterpiece
    Photo: Metaweb / CC-BY


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    This Is One Mashup Mesa Want To See


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    This Isn't What We Pictured When Disney Picked Up Star Wars

    This Isn't What We Pictured When Disney Picked Up Star Wars
    Photo: flickr / CC0
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    The Dream Of An OG Star Wars Fan

    The Dream Of An OG Star Wars Fan
    Photo: mangaholix / DeviantArt