All The Utterly Bizarre Jobs Trump's Administration Appointees Have Had Before The White House

It's not uncommon for US presidents to hire a few campaign workers and longtime supporters for administration roles, but what Donald Trump has done in his hiring practices is truly a first. He has stocked his staff with people grossly unqualified for the roles and departments in which they serve, which can be illustrated by simply looking at the past jobs of Trump's administration appointees.

Did no one read these resumes? If they didn't, that's troubling enough. If they did and chose to ignore the glaring lack of qualifications, that's an even bigger issue. And that's likely what happened. By ignoring the bizarre jobs Trump's administration appointees had prior to coming onboard, the President isn't just subverting the rules and practices of good hiring. He is, in a very fundamental way, undermining and dismantling the departments for which each of these appointees work. How else can you explain why Rick Perry, who famously couldn't remember the name of the Department of Energy, is now running that department?

But Perry's strangeness is just the tip of the iceberg. Get a load of the weirdest jobs people had before joining Trump's White House.