The Most Extravagant Gifts Kanye West And Kim Kardashian Have Ever Given Each Other  

Ann Casano
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When the world’s biggest rapper unites with the world’s biggest reality TV star, there are going to be some very excessive gifts exchanged. A Lorraine Schwartz diamond choker and a hand-painted Hermès Birkin Bag are just a couple of the over-the-top gifts from Kanye West to Kim Kardashian.

Yes, it’s true, a few of these things Kanye has bought for Kim Kardashian are worth more than some people will earn in a lifetime working at the office. Some of the gifts, like a wall of flowers, won’t last forever, but Kanye and Kim are business moguls as well so it shouldn't come as a total surprise to hear that the rapper bought his wife hundreds of thousands of dollars in different stocks for Christmas 2017.

There are a couple of presents Kim Kardashian gave to Kanye West that are pretty darn impressive as well. Check out these extravagant gifts the multi-million dollar couple have given to each other.

A Rare $750,000 Lamborghini
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For Kanye's 35th birthday in 2012, Kim reportedly bought him a Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4, which is priced at $750,000. Kim and Kanye were just boyfriend and girlfriend at the time of the rare sports car purchase.


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A Hand-Painted Hermès Birkin Bag

For Christmas 2013, Kanye bought Kim a hand-painted Hermès Birkin bag. The bag, valued at around $1.3 million, was hand-painted by artist George Condo. The surreal image on the bag depicts a man with a green face and three naked women in bed.

Kardashian took to Instagram the day after Christmas to post a picture of her new million dollar handbag. If you're looking for an Hermès Birkin bag for yourself, you can purchase one without the custom hand-painted art by Condo for a cool $16,000.

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A Lorraine Schwartz Engagement Ring

When Kanye asked Kim to marry him in 2013, no ordinary department store wedding ring was going to do. The rapper gave Kim an eye-popping 15-carat diamond engagement ring crafted by legendary jeweler Lorraine Schwartz. The ring has an estimated value of $2.5-$3 million. And where did the rapper ask the reality star for her hand in marriage? The owner of the San Francisco Giants gave West the private use of AT&T Park, the Giants home stadium, to pop the question.

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A Lorraine Schwartz Diamond Choker

In 2015 when Kim was pregnant with the couple's second child, she posted on her website that she wanted a diamond choker necklace made by Lorraine Schwartz as a push present. A push present is a gift that a partner gives to an expectant pregnant mother to honor the birth of the child. The Instagram pic above is of Kim wearing the necklace in 2016. She was also spotted sporting the choker with an estimated value of $1 million at a friend's wedding earlier that same year.


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