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The Most Unusual Lipstick Trends Of All Time

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Beauty aficionados start some pretty weird makeup trends. This is an era of lipstick experimentation and for proof, just look at major makeup brands’ (NYX, MAC, and even Maybelline) social media feeds. They’re filled with unexpected, off-the-wall lipstick trends: no nude lips in sight. And with makeup artists vying to go “viral” with every look they create, we've seen some of the most unusual lipstick trends of all time emerge in the past few years (squiggle lips, anyone?).

Looking for weird things to do with lipsticks? This list of the strangest lipstick trends ever should give you some inspiration, but most likely you won't want to take it further than social media. Experiment, take a picture, then leave it on Instagram. These weird lip trends have no place in everyday life.

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    Fuzzy Lips


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    The trend has been called "a fuzzy sweater for your mouth," but...who wants that? This fuzzy-lipped look was created by makeup artist Greta Agazzi using Kat Von D's Everlasting Liquid Lipstick topped with loose velvet–-hopefully, it only sticks around for the winter.

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    Squiggle Lips


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    In August 2017, YouTube makeup artist Lexington created "Squiggle Lips" in response to the "Squiggle Eyebrows" craze. The joke went viral, and now Squiggle Lips (the look is pretty self-explanatory) are now officially trending.

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    Overlined Lips


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    Overlined lips have been around for a minute. As the name suggests, the look is the result of lining lips just past the lip line and filling the lines in with lipstick to create the illusion of a fuller pout. Kylie Jenner made the trend mainstream when she claimed her mysteriously plumper lips were the result of expert overlining, not injections. Eventually Kylie copped to getting some work done, but overlining remained a trend. Most of the time, it's just too obvious—embrace your natural lip shape!

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    Partially Lined Lips


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    The beauty of lip liner is that it subtly makes lips look bigger, or works as a foundation for lipstick to stick too. When the liner is the star of the show, something's wrong–which is why we think this partially-lined look needs to go.

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