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Rare Animals That Look Fake But Are In Fact 100% Real

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The Internet is full of clever and deceptive images that confuse people to the point where they can no longer can tell what is real and what is fake. This fact extends to pictures of crazy animals that are so weird-looking, it's hard to believe they actually exist. It can be difficult to trust your own senses when everything about these images sets off alarms in your mind of being false. That's why everyone needs a trusty guide to help sort out truth from fiction.

Every single one of these strange-looking animals is 100% real. Like photos of albino animals, these pictures of bizarre creatures are genuine and have not been doctored or photoshopped. Nature is strange and nothing makes that more clear than these photos that look like something out of a Dr. Seuss book on crack. Check out all these freaks of nature that will have even the most gullible readers second-guessing what their eyes are seeing. Vote up the unique animals you seriously can't believe are actually real. 

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    Red-Lipped Bat Fish

    The red-lipped batfish or Galapagos batfish (Ogcocephalus darwini) is a fish of unusual morphology found around the Galapagos Islands and off Peru at depths of 3 to 76 m (10 to 249 ft). Red-lipped batfish are closely related to rosy-lipped batfish (Ogcocephalus porrectus), which are found near Cocos Island off the Pacific coast of Costa Rica. This fish is mainly known for its bright red lips. Batfish are not good swimmers; they use their highly adapted pectoral fins to "walk" on the ocean floor. When the batfish reaches maturity, its dorsal fin becomes a single spine-like projection (thought to function primarily as a lure for prey). Like other anglerfish, the red-lipped batfish has a  ...more
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      Puss Moth Caterpillar

      Megalopyge opercularis is a moth of the family Megalopygidae. It has numerous common names, including southern flannel moth for its adult form, and puss caterpillar, asp, Italian asp, woolly slug, opossum bug, puss moth, tree asp, or asp caterpillar for its larval form.  ...more
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        Saiga Antelope

        Photo: Navinder Singh / Wikimedia Commons / CC-BY-SA 4.0
        The saiga antelope (, Saiga tatarica) is a critically endangered antelope that originally inhabited a vast area of the Eurasian steppe zone from the foothills of the Carpathian Mountains and Caucasus into Dzungaria and Mongolia. They also lived in Beringian North America during the Pleistocene. Today, the dominant subspecies (S. t. tatarica) is only found in one location in Russia (in the Republic of Kalmykia and Astrakhan Oblast) and three areas in Kazakhstan (the Ural, Ustiurt, and Betpak-Dala populations). A proportion of the Ustiurt population migrates south to Uzbekistan and occasionally Turkmenistan in winter. It is extinct in the People's Republic of China and southwestern Mongolia.  ...more
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          Blobfish may refer to: Psychrolutes microporos, commonly known as a blobfish or fathead Psychrolutes marcidus, smooth-head blobfish Psychrolutidae, a fish family commonly known as blobfishes Psychrolutes occidentalis, Western blobfish or Western Australian sculpin Ebinania macquariensis, Macquarie blobfish, a species of Ebinania  ...more
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