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26 Confusing Music Videos You Never Understood

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Since the '80s, music videos have been one of the best ways for musicians to send their music across the world without having to actually tour. For struggling artists, this means their music can be heard in England or Japan without having to actually go overseas. Obviously, thanks to the Internet that’s not such a big deal now, but music videos are still a big deal to musicians, even if they might be some of the weirdest things you've ever seen.

For a lot of musicians, videos are a way to show their artsier side, sometimes for better, and sometimes for worse. Initially, weird music videos were an easy way to stand out among other artists who stood and sang like mannequins, but as the years went on it began to feel like artists were trying to out-weird each other. For proof, check out these bizarre music videos in which, goodness gracious, what is even happening?

From The Eurythmics's Orwellian cow dancing to Lady Gaga’s beer can hair curlers, the strange music videos on this list run the gamut from downright bizarre to really funny music videos that stand on their own with or without the song they’re attached to.

On this list you’ll see familiar artists back to back with bands that you may have never heard of, but that’s okay because they’ve all made some of the weirdest music videos you’ll ever see. Try watching some of the stranger videos without any audio, maybe they’ll make more sense that way.

After you’ve recovered from the weirdness, be sure to vote up the music videos that are the most incredibly confusing and full of all kinds of strange visuals, effects, and imagery.
  • Video: YouTube

    Things That Really Happen in This Video:

    - Morphing faces.
    - An old lady watches a hunk do push ups.
    - There are weird vintage work out machines.
    - There is a nightmare girl eating ice cream.
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    Total Eclipse of the Heart

    Video: YouTube

    Things That Really Happen in This Video: 

    - Bonnie Tyler explores a Victorian mansion.
    - There are ghost choir boys.
    - And also a sexy men's swim team.
    - And also sword fighting ballet dancers.
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    Come to Daddy

    Video: YouTube

    Things That Really Happen in This Video: 

    - Children with a man's face give a woman a heart attack.
    - Children with a man's face trash London with lead pipes.
    - There is a screaming nightmare man.
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    Video: YouTube
    Things That Really Happen in This Video:

    - Yeezy watches some women act like deer.
    - A bird woman dances around.
    - Kanye goes to a Michael Jackson themed parade.
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