The 12 Craziest Things Nicolas Cage Has Ever Bought

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While he's an actor well-known for his over the top performances, the weird things Nicolas Cage bought over the years manage to be even more out there than he is. His insane career includes cult classics like Vampire’s Kiss, high-profile Hollywood hits like National Treasure, his own Marvel films, and a David Lynch film. But what a lot of people don’t know about Nic Cage, is that his impulse shopping habit is very much out of control. The weirdest things Nicolas Cage owns could make even the wackiest eccentric millionaire blush. Of course, this habit led to his going pretty much broke, but how are you supposed to NOT buy a shrunken head?

Of course, Nic Cage doesn't just go for designer watches or the latest in gadgets. There’s refined taste and then there’s the kind of taste that makes you ask a guy, “Where did you even find that?” Our boy has the second one down. If he’s spending millions on something, you know it’s probably ridiculous. Some of the strange and funny things Nicolas Cage purchased are haunted, deadly, and/or stolen from Mongolia.

While people often get understandably angry at the super rich for blowing millions on ridiculous things while everybody else struggles, many of these weird Nicolas Cage purchases are so insane that he obviously has one wacky shopping addiction, and it’s kind of hard to be mad at him for that.