Normal Things From The 1980s And '90s That Younger Generations Can't Relate To

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People like to reminisce about the "good old days" - back when they were young and growing up, days when they were first discovering the world and all the weight of its responsibilities were an obstacle in the distant future. When we think back to our younger days, so many aspects were harder than today's youth will experience at a similar age. Technology, science, and society continue to advance, but we can find fault in what we perceive as the "easier way." After all, it's not our way, the way we experienced it. And our way has some pretty cool memories.

Not having a phone, with a camera attached, that can access all the available information in the world made for a pretty different life experience. So did our different attitudes toward smoking. The rapid development of high-speed internet and streaming have made so many of our favorite memories things younger people would have a hard time comprehending. But we were there. It's the way we experienced it. And many of us wouldn't have it any other way. These are the normal things that people remember from the 1980s and '90s that younger generations can't relate to.

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    You Had To Memorize So Many Phone Numbers

    From Redditor u/Chariot-of-Belenus:

    I had 20 phone numbers memorized minimum.

    And Redditor u/haysoos2:

    I still remember my friend's phone numbers from when I was 13, but have no idea what my mother's current phone number is, and have to think about it for a minute to recall my own.

    And Redditor u/ForUseAtWorkx:

    Now that brain space is occupied with passwords.

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    If You Missed An Episode Of A Show, You Had To Wait For A Rerun

    From Redditor u/oilcanboogie:

    Missing an episode of your favourite show, then mentally planning to catch it during summer reruns, if not the next year altogether.

    To which Redditor u/jessflyc replied:

    Omg when I was 15 I had meltdown that my dad forgot to tape the episode of 90210 where Dylan’s wife died.

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    Waiting By The Radio To Record Your Favorite Song

    From Redditor u/Wishyouamerry:

    Sitting by the radio waiting for your favorite new song to come on so you could record it onto a cassette tape. And hoping the jack*ss DJ didn’t talk over the first 45 seconds. (Spoiler alert: He always did!)

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    The TV Would Stop Broadcasting Late At Night

    From Redditor u/-GTPlus-:

    That TV just stopped broadcasting late at night. My kids still can’t comprehend this one.

    And Redditor u/thiswasyouridea:

    The sign off video of an American flag, and then the test pattern. Colorful stripes and boooooooooooooooop.

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    'TV Guide' Was A Necessary TV Companion 

    From. Redditor u/L4rgo1229

    Getting a new TV Guide each Sunday with the newspaper and obsessing over it for hours highlighting what shows/movies you wanted to watch.

    And Redditor u/meowmix778:

    Or the TV guide channel later on maybe 99ish and when you looked away for the channel you wanted you'd have to wait for the thing to scroll back around.

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    There Was No Privacy During Phone Calls

    From Redditor u/EllywickBeren:

    Being on a phone call with someone using the home phone when all of sudden someone in the house picks up another phone and tells you to get off.

    And Redditor u/AjaxkidRN:

    We only had one phone and it was attached to the wall in the living room. No privacy to gossip about important teen stuff and then Dad was in the background, “I said, get off the damn phone!!!!”

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