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The Weirdest Offspring in Greek Mythology

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Considering that there's a lot of freaky sex - and even incest - in stories from ancient Greece and the fact that the gods and goddesses didn't seem to mind taking weird creatures as sex partners, it’s only natural that there are a lot of strange offspring in Greek myths. Just imagine: what would you expect to come out of a union between a woman and a bull? Or a god and the earth? What about a man and a cloud? 

Some of these weird kids in Greek mythology were created from crazy sex, while others were simply born from strange, monstrous parents in unfathomable ways. Their weird nature was then amplified by a dark origin story. 

With all these strange-looking creatures, it’s no wonder that films often take inspiration from Greek mythological creatures. It’s likely that you’ve seen a lot of these weirdest offspring from Greek myths in movies. Centaurs, Pegasus, and Hydra all come from Greek mythology. What’s even more interesting about them is the stories of where they came from and their family drama. Read on for some seriously strange origin stories about the weirdest offspring from Greek myths.