These Piercings Will Make You Grimace

If you’re squeamish, look away. These weird body piercings are enough to make even the toughest onlookers feel a little queasy. 

Strange piercings are nothing new, but some piercing trends are on a whole new level of weird. Of all the new piercing places on the body, one of the most popular is the wedding ring piercing on the fourth finger. It’s become a popular choice for millennials who aren't into the whole ring thing, but that’s not even one of the most extreme piercings.

These insane body piercings might be a little scary, but you might find some of them a little intriguing. Be warned, though, you can’t unsee these.

  • Finger Piercings


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    You won't find the latest grimace-inducing piercing in the usual places, like ears, lips, and eyebrows. It's all about finger piercings. This painful body adornment is considered a dermal piercing, and it involves sticking a long needle through the top layer of skin on the finger.

  • Wedding Ring Piercings


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    Looking for a more permanent, more painful way to show your love than a traditional ring? Millennials are opting out of engagement rings and opting into diamond dermal piercings on the fourth finger, instead. While this might be an Insta-worthy look, think twice before getting pierced. Dr. Chris Kearney warns: "Because of the constant use of hands (think toilet visits), piercings at this site are especially prone to trauma and infections."

  • Anti-Tragus Piercings


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    The small, vertical bit of cartilage above the earlobe is known as the anti-tragus. More and more people opt to get piercings in this area. Since the cartilage is pretty thick, anti-tragus piercings are painful and can take anywhere from three to nine months to heal.

  • Lip Gauges


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    Gauged ears are pretty popular and relatively commonplace. Gauged lips, however, are still rather taboo. This look (which involves piercing and widening the skin below the lip into an open hole) can be super unsafe for your teeth and mouth. 

  • Wolverine Piercings

    The Wolverine body modification involves piercing the skin between the fingers. This body modification won't give you superpowers, but it might give you mutant vibes.

  • Knuckle Piercings

    Knuckle piercings evolved from the popular knuckle tattoo look. Except this version is a whole lot more sparkly. It's a high-risk modification, though, because knuckle piercings can be easily ripped out or roughed up by something as simple as putting your hands in your pockets.